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About Us

AquaVapor LLC
119 North Main Street
Broadway, NC US

About Aqua Vapor e-Cigarettes:
e-Cigarettes / Vapor Cigs can be used legally almost anywhere and everywhere even in places that are affected by the strict no smoking laws. The e-Cigarette is not lit and smoke is not produced. The smoke that you see is strictly a vapor mist, and therefore is perfectly legal to smoke indoors, in malls, etc. where Electronic Cigarette Bans do not exist. You can now walk around the mall, restaurant or airport puffing on your Aqua Vapor Cig Electronic / Vapor Cigarette and you're fully within your rights to do so when there are no bans against Electronic Cigarettes.

The e-Cigarette / Vapor Cig is a completely non-flammable electronic device. There is no danger of fire, or anything burning. There is absolutely no substance in it that gets lit.

The e-Cigarette / Vapor Cig comprises of a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery that you can recharge over and over again. Many e-Cigarette starting kits contain two rechargeable batteries so that you can be sure to get a never-ending smoking experience. You can add accessories to your starter kit like car chargers, designer carrying cases, extra cartridges, etc.

The e-Cigarette / Vapor Cig contains no tobacco, no burning, no smoke, and no smell.

About AquaVapor LLC- Established 2008

Aqua Vapor Cig is an on-line store for the purchase of electronic cigarettes and accessories. After trying an electronic cigarette at a kiosk in an Atlanta Georgia mall I was blown away, or maybe I should say "VAPORIZED". I couldn't believe it, the device looked like a cigarette, generated the same look of smoke as a real cigarette, felt like a real cigarette when inhaled, and the best part about it was I was standing in the middle of a mall smoking an e-cigarette with 100's of people walking around. Needless to say, I had to purchase one even though it was more expensive than I thought it should be (totaled about $200 bucks with a couple weeks worth of cartridges). I have been a smoker for 17 years and have not picked up a real cigarette since that day.
Our shipping warehouse and main retail location is now in North Carolina (119 North Main Street, Broadway, North Carolina) where we ship over 2,500 products daily all over the US to vapers just like you.

Our Purpose

The Electronic Cigarette device I purchased from the mall was great but I quickly found out that the quality was not that great and when I went back to the mall to get replacements they would not stand behind their warranty. I realized the product I purchased from the mall was the cheapest product available but I had paid top dollar for it because the vendor was only trying to make the initial sale and was not committed to creating a long term relationship with their customers. After all, they were making 200%+ profit off the initial sale so why worry about returning loyal customers. Being a business man myself, I realized a lot of people were going to be pulled into these scams and an amazing product idea was going to get a bad name so I decided I would do everything I could to make a difference in the Electronic Cigarette Market.
I was so amazed and impressed with this technology, I shared a thought with a friend to start up a company marketing and selling these products to other smokers like ourselves. So the research began and we quickly found out there were literally thousands of models available from all over the world. They are sold on many web-sites and in mall kiosks around the world. The typical price on-line ranges from $50 - $200 depending on quality (or how bad the seller is trying to stick  you) and the price in mall kiosk is pretty consistently between $150 to $200 dollars.
At AquaVapor we decided we wanted to provide the highest quality product available to our customers at the most competitive price. Our goal was to provide superior quality and customer service to build long term relationships with our customers to become the preferred supplier for all their electronic cigarette needs.
So, the big question was "how do we do that?". It wasn't easy considering the massive variety of products available (most of which are manufactured and imported from China). We started researching manufactures, spent countless hours on e-cigarette forums, ordered a lot of samples, and finally decided on the products we have available to you today on www.AquaVaporCig.com. After finding products that met our standards we created partnerships with the manufacturers that allowed us to design products specifically for AquaVaporCig that are higher in quality than the standard products that most other companies sell. We negotiated bulk prices with the manufacturers and arranged long term contracts to keep our prices consistent. Our products are designed, assembled, and tested in the USA and shipped directly to you from one of our shipping warehouses located in the USA. We have a strict quality control process that requires all products to be tested before being packaged and sent to you to ensure the electronic cigarette product you receive will be of the highest quality. At AquaVapor LLC we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality electronic cigarette products and the best customer service you will find in the industry. We will not compromise quality for profits and will always have the best price on the market for the quality of products we sell. And lastly, we are not a big corporation with hundreds or workers and a big office. We're a family business that wants to provide you a quality cost effective alternative to traditional smoking.
We could sell 50+ varieties, but decided it was best to stick with the products we have tried ourselves and were impressed with the quality, look, and feel. There are new models being introduced daily into the market so we continue to sample products and as we find products that meet our strict standards of quality we will add them to our site. If you are familiar with models that have been successful for you and would like us to consider carrying them please contact us by clicking Contact Us.

The AquaVaporCig Difference - Why Purchase From Us
  •  The AquaVaporCig difference is when we advertise a name brand product like Vision, Smoktech, Innokin, Youde, Kanger, etc... you can be assured you are getting an authentic quality product manufactured by these manufactures.
    • Unlike over 50% of the eCig vendors on the internet, we do not market knock-off/fake products as being authentic, so when you purchase branded products from us you can be assured you are getting a quality authentic product at a competitive price, guaranteed.
    • A lot of these vendors include packaging with scratch-off serial codes that you can use to verify the authenticity of these products, so when you purchase these products from us the packaging will have the scratch off and information about how to verify the authenticity of the product.
    • The vendors selling knock-off products will market them as authentic and sell them for lower prices. Just be aware that over 50% of the eCig vendors on the internet are selling low quality knock-off/fake products as the real thing and will not stand behind the product when it fails due to the low quality construction with no manufacturing best practices. Purchase from AquaVaporCig and be confident you are receiving authentic products at competitive prices!
    • Don't be fooled by the many sellers on the net selling low quality Electronic Cigarette / eCig devices. Remember "you get what you pay for".
    • Don't fall for eCig advertisements you hear on the radio, TV, and on the internet offering FREE trial eCig products. It's a scam and the cheapest you'll get out is $150 for the same thing you can get from us for $50.
    • We guarantee our eCig products to be the best Electronic Cigarette / eCig you'll find. Our quality, customer service, and price is what makes us stand out from the rest of the online Electronic Cigarette sellers.
    • We take the extra steps to ensure we only sell the highest quality Electronic Cigarette / Electronic Smoking Device products to give you the best eSmoking experience possible. We've spent countless hours researching and testing e-cig / vapor cig products.
  • The quality of our AquaVapor Cig sets are the result of 1000's of hours of research, development, and innovation. There are hundreds of electronic cigarette models out there, but the AquaVapor eCig models are guaranteed to be top notch in quality, looks, and vapor-ability. The AquaVaporCig models are the result of partnering with our eCig manufacturer to design a more powerful and dependable eCig, as well as adjustments to improve overall performance and reliability. Learn all about Electronic Cigarettes on our F.A.Q page. 
  • Most competitive eCig prices you'll find on the internet for quality eCig products - If you find a better price for the same quality of products that we carry at our store from another e Cig supplier based in the USA let us know and we'll match the price.
  • Shipping - Once your order is placed you will receive a confirmation email letting you know we have received your order. When your order is sent to the warehouse for processing you will receive an email notification letting you know your order is being prepared for shipping. Once your order is shipped you will receive a shipping notification email with a tracking number and link for tracking the shipment. In most cases you can expect to receive your order within 3 - 4 business days from the day it was placed. If you select express shipping please call us before hand to verify we can provide next day service to your area.
  • Reward Points Program
    • You receive points for every purchase you make with us. The points program gives you 1 point for every dollar you spend (excluding shipping) and 20 points are worth $1
    •  Refer your friends to us by asking them to put your name in the Referred by Box on the checkout page and we'll give you $5.00 in reward points
    • Do a product review on the products you purchased from us and for approved reviews we'll give you $5.00 in reward points (not all reviews are approved for various reasons)
    • Click HERE to learn about our Reward Points Program

  Now, lets decide which is best for you

Simple Selection Guide
  •  510 ONE Electronic Cigarette
    •  If you want an easy to use eCig that looks and feels like a traditional cigarette, with auto or manual push-button battery option that produces heavy vapor and good flavor designed for the heavy smoker the 510 ONE model is the best option for you. If you're looking for lots of vapor and a big throat hit you'll love the 510 ONE.
  •  eGo Electronic Cigarette
    •  If you're looking for an easy to use eCig that doesn't look like a traditional cigarette, with great vapor and good flavor, and a battery that's big but lasts 1 - 2 days on a single charge the eGo us the right model for you. This model also offers a much larger attachment selection to meet you vaping preferences.
  • Advanced Vaporizers and Supplies
    • Ready to take the dive into an advanced mechanical vaporizer, variable voltage mod, or rebuildable atomizers we have everything you need in our Experienced Vapor Category
  • Electronic Pipes and Cigars
    • If you are looking for a disposable or rechargeable pipe we have both options in our Pipes and Cigars category
    •  If you prefer an Electronic Pipe we have the the Smoktech Mechanical ePipe with a polished chrome finish.  You can find it in our Pipes and Cigars Category

Detailed Selection Guide
If you prefer a look and size similar to a regular cig you have 2 model / configuration options
  •       ONE (510)
    •      Comes standard with cartomizers making this a 2 piece design model which is the latest technology in eCigs.
    •      The battery and cartomizer combination on this model burn a little hotter making it able to produce more vapor than our other models.
    •      This model has an Auto and Manual battery option. The manual battery allows you to take control over how much vapor is produced regardless of how hard or soft you drag on the device. The manual operation battery has a push-button that you push when you are ready to take a drag and is preferred by experienced users over the regular auto battery operation.
    •     The auto battery configuration with this model is going to have a smooth loose draw meaning when you take a drag there is very little resistance which results in more air flowing through the device which results in less vapor than with the manual battery.
    •      Cartomizers for this model are refillable as with all our models.
    •       If you are an experienced eCig user, want a device that looks and feels similar to a traditional cigarette, this is the best model for you.

  •       If you want an option with a battery that will last longer between charges and larger capacity tanks, the eGo Electronic Cigarette kit is our suggestion.
    •   eGo Electronic Cigarette
        • Kits are customizable to the configuration you prefer best.
        • We stock many different style attachments for the eGo electronic cigarettes from cartomizers, clearomizers, bottom feeding tanks, dual coil tanks, etc.
        •  The accessories for this model are compatible with the ONE 510 model so the cartridges, atomizers, cartomizers, and chargers are interchangeable.
        •  Cartridges, Cartomizers, and Clearomizers for this model are refillable as with all our models.
        •  This model is only available in a Manual battery option. The manual battery allows you to take control over how much vapor is produced regardless of how hard or soft you drag on the device. The manual operation battery has a push-button that you push when you are ready to take a drag and is preferred by experienced users over the regular auto battery operation.
        •  If you are an experienced eCig user, want a device with a battery that's going to last longer, and don't mind that the device doesn't look similar to a traditional cigarette this is the model for you.
        •  A lot of our customers purchase the regular 510 ONE model to use when away from home since it's small and looks similar to a traditional cigarette, then they also purchase this model to use around the house since the batteries last so long.

  • If you are ready to take the dive into the advanced vaping world we have a large selection of mechanical ecig kits, variable voltage ecig kits, rebuildable atomizers and more
    • Mechanical Devices have no wiring inside so the operation is strictly mechanical meaning less chance for failure of electrical components.
    • Variable Voltage Devices allow you to adjust the voltage on the device to increase or decrease the amount of vapor produced.
    • Rebuildable Atomizers and Dripping Atomizers allow you to build your own atomizer to meet your own vaping preferences.
        • Warning: For experienced vapers only with knowledge of electronics and Multi-Meters

  • If you prefer a Pipe or Cigar we have several options for you as well
    • Electronic Pipes
    • The Smoktech Mechanical Pipe is a smaller version of a mechanical pipe that has a retro look and is constructed of chrome polished stainless steel.
    • Cigars
      • Our Re-Chargeable Cowboy Cigar can be recharged with the supplied USB cable and the liquid reservoir can be filled with you favorite flavor eLiquid. The Cowboy Cigar kit comes with 2 FREE bottles of eLiquid
      • We have a 1500 puff disposable cigar that is simple to use, just take it out of the box and start vaping, when the liquid is gone and/or battery dies you just dispose of the device

Other Options to Decide On

Battery, PCC, and Case Options
  •  Auto Battery This is the preferred option by most of our customers because all you have to do is puff on it like a regular cigarette to produce vapor.
  •  Manual Battery The manual battery has a push button that must be pushed to activate the device and produce vapor. This is preferred by more experienced users because they have more control over how soft or hard they puff. It also allows them to puff on the device without pushing the button just to give them the motion sensation of smoking.
  •  Pass-through Batteries The PRO, Classic, and 510 ONE models have an option of a pass-through which allows use of the battery while it is charging.
  •  PCC (Portable Charging Case) - If you are on the go a lot (traveling, shopping, sports, etc) where you will not have access to a power source you should invest in a PCC. The PCC looks like a regular cigarette pack and holds your cartridges as well as chargers your batteries 10 - 12 times while your away from a power source. When you get home you plug the PCC into a power source to recharge its internal battery then its ready for your next trip.
  •  Carrying Case Having a carrying case gives you a convenient way to store, protect, and carry your device. The case will hold 2 batteries, atomizer, and spare cartridges so you always know exactly where they are. No searching through your pockets or purse looking for that spare battery you knew you put in there.

Choosing Cartridge or Liquid Strength

  •  High For smokers that smoke 2 - 3 packs or full or light flavored cigarettes a day
  •  Medium For smokers that smoke 1 - 2 packs of light flavored cigarettes per day
  •  Low For smokers that smoke 1 pack or less of Ultra light flavored cigarettes a day
  •  No For smokers that do not want nicotine just the sensation of smoking

Cartridges vs. Cartomizers

  •  Cartomizers combine the atomizer and cartridge into one piece which results in a cartridge that produces 200 - 400 consistent puffs. They are considered disposable and can be refilled. The general life of the disposable cartomizer is 10 refills which would be equivalent to over a carton of cigarettes per cartomizer. The advantage of the cartomizer is the significant increase in puffs, more consistent vapor, and no need to purchase replacement atomizers when they fail.
  •  Cartridges are preferred by many customers because they are cheaper and don't produce as much vapor. (only available with PRO model)For some users the vapor produced by cartomizers is too much. Its recommended that you refill cartridges no more than 10 times then switch to a new one. The estimated average puff count of a cartridge is 100.

Should you Refill Cartridges

  • You should absolutely try it
    •  We give you a FREE bottle of liquid with each starter kit so you can determine if you would rather refill or purchase filled replacement cartridges.
    •  Refilling cartridges ends up costing you 70% less than purchasing prefilled cartridges
    •  Refilling gives you many different flavor options.
    •  The liquid is the exact same liquid that's in the prefilled cartridges
  •   Can prefilled cartridges be refilled
    •  Absolutely they can be refilled with the same flavor as they came packaged with or any other flavor of your choice.
    •  You can remove the cotton from the cartridge, rinse it with warm water, dry by squeezing with paper towel and refill with any flavor. You don't have to do this to switch flavors but if you're switching from menthol to banana the mixed flavors taste will most likely not be desirable.

Glossary of eCig Terms

Below is a glossary to give you a better understanding of all the products mentioned on our site and across the eCigarette community.

Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery used to power Electronic Cigarettes. This is the part of the eCigarette that mimics the tobacco filled part of a traditional cigarette. eCig batteries have an LED indicator (various colors) on the tip that mimic the fire on a traditional cigarette.

Auto Battery: Auto batteries are operated just by taking a drag like you would on a traditional cigarette. When a drag is taken the battery is activated and the liquid in the cartridge is turned into vapor.

Manual and/or Push-button Battery: Manual batteries are operated by pushing a small button located on the battery tube. When the button is pressed the battery is activated and the liquid in the cartridge is turned into vapor.

Atomizer: Part of the eCig that atomizers the liquid to create the vapor. Atomizers screw into the battery and a cartridge containing the liquid inserts onto the atomizer. 3 piece (Battery, Atomizer, and Cartridge) design eCigs have an atomizer, 2 piece design eCigs do not have a separate atomizer

Cartridge: Part of the eCig that contains the flavored liquid used to create vapor. This is the part of the eCigarette that mimics the filter part of a traditional cigarette. All cartridges can be refilled with eLiquid and its recommended they be replaced after 10 refills.

Cartomizer: Part of the eCig that contains the flavored liquid used to create vapor and a built in atomizer. A cartomizer combines the atomizer and cartridge into one piece which makes the eCig a 2 piece (Battery and Cartomizer) design. This is the part of the eCigarette that mimics the filter part of a traditional cigarette. All cartomizers can be refilled with eLiquid and its recommended they be replaced after 10 refills. Cartomizers were invented as a replacement for the separate atomizers and cartridges but some consumers still prefer the 3 piece design so most suppliers offer both configurations.

Tank Cartridges: Clear plastic cartridge that is filled with liquid to create vapor. Tank cartridges have no cotton filler, they just hold liquid and require an atomizer to create the vapor. The tank cartridge was invented to allow you to see how much liquid is left in the cartridge and to eliminate the need for cotton in the cartridge. These are great designs and experienced vapers love them. These are available for our eGo and 510 models.

Tank Atomizer: Atomizers used with tank cartridges. These atomizers have a small needle like port that punctures the tank cartridges to allow liquid to flow into the atomizer for vapor to be produced.

PCC: This is a Portable Charging Case that is the same size and shape as a traditional pack of cigarettes and is used to store and charge your eCigarette batteries while you're on the go. PCC cases also hold 5 cartridges or cartomizers, an extra battery and have an LED indicator to let you know the charging progress of you eCig batteries as well as the charge left in the PCC itself. The PCC has an internal battery that will charge your eCig batteries up to 10 times before needing recharged. To recharge them you just plug them up to a USB connector to your computer or USB wall adapter and when the light turns green you're ready to go. Our PCCs have a green indicator light to let you know when your battery is charged. While the battery is charging the light will be red and when it completes the light turns green. They are simple to use, screw your battery in, push the charging button and when the light turns from red to green the battery is ready to use. This is a great accessory for when you're away from home shopping, at work, restaurants, bars, etc

Smart PCC: This means the PCC has an LCD display to show you the charging progress, the PCC can be charged while its charging batteries, and your batteries can be left on the charger after they are fully charged because the PCC turns itself off when the battery is charged.

eLiquid: Liquid used to refill cartridges, cartomizers, and tanks. Liquid is available in many different flavors and strengths of nicotine and also comes with just the flavor without the nicotine. All our cartridges, cartomizers and tanks are refillable and using the liquid to refill cartridges is 50% cheaper than using prefilled cartridges. Prefilled cartridges can be refilled with the same or different flavor liquid. When filling with a different flavor it normally takes 20 - 40 puffs to get the old flavor out of the cartridge.

Pass-Through: This is a device that looks like an eCig battery but it has a USB cord that connects to your computer as a power source for creating vapor. These are great if you are in front of your computer a lot and don't want to drain the power from your normal batteries. The computer provides a power source to the atomizer so as long as its plugged up it works.

2 Piece Design: This term is used to describe eCigarettes that use a battery and a cartomizer. The cartomizer is an atomizer and cartridge built together as one piece. The one piece unit contains the atomization device as well as the liquid and it screws onto the eCig battery. When the battery is activated the cartomizer creates vapor. Cartomizers were invented as a replacement for the separate atomizers and cartridges but some consumers still prefer the 3 piece design so most suppliers offer both configurations.

3 Piece Design: This term is used to describe eCigarettes that use a battery, atomizer, and cartridge making up 3 pieces. The atomizer screws onto the battery and the cartridge containing the liquid slides onto the atomizer. When the battery is activated the atomizer creates vapor from the liquid in the cartridge. This is the original design of the eCig and its still very popular among consumers.

USB Charger: Charger that the eCig battery plugs into to charge the battery. USB chargers can be connected to your computer USB port, a USB car charger, and/or a USB wall charger adapter. Most chargers have a light that when plugged up is green or blue, when the eCig battery is screwed in and charging begins the light will turn red, when the battery is charged the light will turn back green or blue. Typically charging times range from 45 minutes for regular eCigs and up to 2 hours from large capacity batteries like come with the eGo.

Wall Charger Adapter: AC plug that plugs into a wall outlet and has a USB port for plugging in the USB eCig charger. Most of these have a red indicator light that just lets you know there is power to the adapter. The light does not change when you are charging a battery. The light on the USB charger lets you know when your battery is charged.

We are also available to answer any questions you may have so please do not hesitate to call us at (888) 782-0167 or email us at sales@aquavaporcig.com or visit our contact us page to use our automated contact form to send us a message.

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