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Posted by AquaVapor on 11/12/2011 to eLiquid-Smoke Juice Discussion
All eCig cartridges (yes, all of them can, any model, and brand) can be refilled with our juice. Re-filling cartridges is the most cost effective way to utilize an eCig as a smoking alternative.

Electronic Cigarette e-Liquid (10ml, 20ml and 30ml)

  • 10ml Bottle ($9.95)
  • 20ml Bottle ($15.95)
  • 30ml Bottle ($19.95)

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Refill for around 34 cents per pack. WOW!! That's cheap!! Smoke for less!

e-Liquid Information:

  • High Nicotine is equivalent to Full Flavor Cigarette
  • Medium Nicotine is equivalent to Light Flavor Cigarette
  • Low Nicotine is equivalent to Ultra-Light Flavor Cigarette
  • No Nicotine contains no Nicotine - 0mg

Our Flavors are Below with a short description - Click the Picture or Link to view details!
eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Regular Regular (USAs Favorite Blend) - For those who enjoy the taste and feel of a rich full flavored tobacco cigarette, our regular USAs favorite blend has got you covered. Try it and immerse yourself in tobacco.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Menthol Menthol - Enjoy a cool and refreshing blast of flavor every time with our Menthol USA blend. Each puff leaves you with a crisp, clean taste that will enhance your vaping experience.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Apple Apple - With its sweet and somewhat tart flavor it will remind you of biting into an apple off of your grandparents apple tree. It is a perfect flavor for any time of the day.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Banana Banana A smooth but intense flavor of fresh, ripe bananas. Very flavorful, sweet and juicy, smooth mild vape. If you like bananas this is a must try.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Black Tobacco Black Tobacco Very rich full premium tobacco blend flavor. Designed for those that love a good hearty blend of the finest tobacco flavors. A must try for fine tobacco pipe smokers

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Blueberry Blueberry - Tastes like a sweetened fruity blueberry. The taste will take you back to the summer blueberry picking days from your childhood.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Butter Scotch Butterscotch Very sweet, buttery, smooth flavor. You’ll think you have a juicy piece of butterscotch candy in your eCigarette.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Camal Camal - Would you walk a mile for a camel? If you try this flavor I am sure you would consider it. It has a strong tobacco flavor that is very reminiscent of a real Camal cigarette.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Cheesecake Cheeescake If you have a sweet tooth and your taste buds like the succulent flavor of cheesecake after a good meal or as an evening snack you need to give this a try.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Cappuccino Cappuccino - Wake up to your favorite! For the coffee and tobacco connoisseur, this is the perfect flavor for you with its combination of the richest coffee bean flavors and the smoothest tobacco flavors. Rich coffee with a bready and nutty scent. Perfect in the morning or after rich meals. It's a rich but mild flavor (not bitter)

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Caramel Caramel - For those with a sweet tooth, this smooth blend of tobacco flavors mixed with the buttery, sweet taste of caramel is a perfect flavor for any time of the day.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Cherry Cherry - The cherry flavor is fantastic! It has a wonderful candy like taste. Its purely fruitful and sweet!

Cigar The strong, poignant taste of the cigar flavor is perfect for all cigar and fine tobacco lovers!

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Chocolate Chocolate For all chocolate lovers get ready for that rich chocolate flavor you love, great any time of the day or when you have a chocolate urge.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Clove Clove A very smooth, calm flavor. It has a very relaxing flavor, great at the end of a long stressful day.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Coffee Coffee Try this flavor for that bolt of unmistakable coffee bean taste. Its pure flavor in which even the most discerning coffee connoisseur can indulge.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - CubanCigar Cuban Cigar For those cigar and fine tobacco lovers this is a much try. Rich, flavorful, yet smooth tobacco flavor will remind you of the finest tobacco flavors youve ever experienced.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Fine 555 Fine 555 For those who want to try a really smooth tobacco blend, the 555 is perfect, very light tobacco taste with just the right blend of the finest tobacco flavors you can imagine.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Flue Cured Tobacco Flue-Cured Tobacco This rich and smoky flavor will charm you from the first puff with hints of caramel and vanilla that combine with a smooth, mesquite vapor. Great for everyday and a staple for many. This flavor is truly like no other.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Fruit Punch Fruit Punch This fruity flavor really packs a punch, a really sweet and flavorful one. It makes for a really great vaping experience.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Grape Grape This burst of grape flavor is truly refreshing. It will remind you of moms cold kool-aid on a hot summer day.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Cream Irish Cream If you are looking for a smooth, creamy, rich flavor, look no further. Try our Cream for an enjoyable vaping experience.

 eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Juicy Peach Juicy Peach- Like the first bite of fresh peach, this flavor brings a refreshing fruit flavor with sweet vanilla undertones. A taste of summer all year round - right in your e-cigarette!

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Kahlua Kahlua A rich sweet flavor, an interesting combination of coffee and liqueur flavors. Great for a night out on the town.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Mango Mango Step right into the Pacific tropics with the smooth, sweet flavor of Mango.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Nport Nport For all Nport and menthol lovers. This is a strong, minty tobacco flavor that is a favorite among many.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - PinaColada Pina-Colada Step into the tropics with this sweet and tarty flavor. The intense flavor will make you feel like youre sipping on your favorite island drink.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Red Energy Red Energy Yes, it tastes exactly like you think it would. Some people like it because of its resemblance to the popular energy drink and others say it tastes like a yager bomb. Either way, the flavor is intense and will leave you very satisfied.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Rum Rum This strong, sweet flavor is great for any time of the day. It is a favorite among many.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - RY4 RY4 If you are looking for a smooth, heady tobacco flavor look no further. With its combination of Tobacco, Almond, Caramel, and very very slight hint of mint makes this a truly unique flavor.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Salam Menthol Salam Menthol A cool refreshing blast of menthol for the menthol lover in you. This is a very pleasing taste with a very smooth cool minty taste.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Vanilla Vanilla Smooth blast of the finest vanilla bean. Some say it reminds them of the taste of homemade vanilla ice-cream or vanilla snow cream. A must try for those that like vanilla flavors.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Virginia Virginia This is a smooth blend of tobacco flavors that is great any time of the day and a must try for everyone.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Watermelon Watermelon A sweet, juicy, cool, refreshing flavor, it is a great flavor for a hot summer day. Mouth Watering bite of juicy sweet watermelon. No harsh taste here, just a smooth sweet watermelon taste.

eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Wenston Wenston For the old time tobacco flavor lovers, this full flavored blend will really hit the spot.



Stacy Zimmerman
Date: 12/5/2011 4:25:25 AM
I have to say I love the cappucchino flavor though all the flavors I have tried are very good!! The cappuccino and RY4 are by far my favs thank you aquavapor for selling such great products!!!
Keith Bobbitt
Date: 12/17/2011 11:21:24 AM
How do we get the liquid into a ecig filter?
Kim Allen
Date: 1/4/2012 3:04:33 PM
I am very happy with my ecig and most of the flavors I have tried, especially cappuccino & coffee. I am curious as to how you can get rid of a flavor, that you really don't like once you've loaded it into the Cartomizer? Can you rinse them or dry them out?
Charles Hicks
Date: 5/12/2012 8:11:30 AM
When you say "prefilled cartomizers" do you guys/gals mean the cartomizers that are labeled "Regular" and "Menthol?" When i ordered my "510 One" starter kit i wondered why it asked me what strength/flavor cartomizer i wanted if i was also asked what flavor/strength "juice" i wanted also. Soooo.... i think i might of answered my own question...i think!? Thanks in advance for y

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