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The Idea of Smoking
Posted by AquaVaporCig on 11/21/2014 to General Discussion
There has been a steady decline in tobacco cigarette consumption since vaping entered the scene less than a decade ago. Even though I only broke my addiction to cigarettes a little over five years ago, I wonder if vaping nicotine has the same effect as smoking cigarettes.
Switching to e-Cigarettes, Vape Pens Makes Sound Financial Sense
Posted by AquaVaporCig on 11/7/2014 to Electronic Cigarette News
Smoking traditional tar and tobacco cigarettes is a very expensive hobby. Not only are the smokes very expensive, but also the cost that smokers pay due to missing work and getting ill costs American society billions of dollars each year. Therefore, switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes and vaporizers will help you, your wallet, and family. 
Variable Voltage e-Cigarettes, Vape Pens, and You
Posted by AquaVaporCig on 11/7/2014
Although there are many benefits to using variable voltage e-cigarettes and vaporizers, this type of vape unit is not right for you. To know if you ought to go with a VV unit, ask yourself a few questions. 
The Electronic Alternative to Cigars and Pipes
Posted by 3dcart SEM Team on 11/1/2014

Are you one of the many men who must sneak their cigars from their wives for fear of admonishment?  Are you banished to the farthest part of the yard when you want to enjoy your pipe?  Do your kids complain about the odor?  Wouldn't it be nice to share your affection of cigars with your buddies over a poker game without having to spend the rest of the night in the dog house?

The Unique e-Cigarettes, Vaporizers That Will Make Your Ultra Cool
Posted by AquaVaporCig on 10/31/2014 to General Discussion
e-Pipes, eCigars, and skins and wraps are a great way for you to vape some interesting, unique, and awesome e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Aquavaporcig has the cool e-cigarettes, vape pens, e-cigars, e-pipes and accessories you are looking for. 
PASS (Pro All Star Series) Returns to Orange County Speedway in Rougemont, NC on October 17th - 18th
Posted by Charlie Sloan on 10/15/2014 to Race Details
Our Next Race - October 18th
Orange County Speedway- Rougemont, NC
The Orange County 150
PASS (Pro All Star Series) Returns October 17th-18th to Orange County Speedway for a night full of action
Come out to see #98 Jody Measamer and the Aqua Vapor Electronic Cigarette Car in Action
For More Info Visit
Fuquay - Varina, NC eCig Store / Vapor Shop
Posted by Charlie Sloan on 9/23/2014 to Retail Stores

Fuquay - Varina, NC eCig Store / Vapor Shop Blog

Fuquay - Varina Official Web Page

Variety – The Spice of E-Cigs
Posted by Aqua Vapor on 9/19/2014 to eLiquid-Smoke Juice Discussion
Though the electronic cigarette is catching a lot of grief from so called experts and is now facing the same type negative reaction as associated with traditional cigarettes, the simple truth is that smokers are still going to smoke and vapers are still going to vape.
Life In The Fast Lane: AquaVapor Sponsors PASS Truck & Driver
Posted by Aqua Vapor on 9/17/2014 to Race Details
We like to live on the cutting edge which is why we are one of the leading providers of e-cigarette technology. It's also why we love to help PASS (Pro All Star Series) driver Jody Measamer go fast!
PASS (Pro All Star Series) Returns to Hickory Motor Speedway Sept 19th - 20th
Posted by AquaVaporCig Racing on 9/15/2014 to Race Details
Our Next Race - September 20th
Hickory Motor Speedway - Newton, NC
Over The Mountain 150
For More Info Visit
True Temperature Control
Posted by Aqua Vapor on 9/10/2014 to General Discussion
The latest trend in vaporizer technology is temperature control. Scientists, engineers, and designers have long considered temperature as the holy grail of vape technology, and it seems they’ve finally cracked the code to find it. The breakthrough in temperature control was led by the NASA trained team at Herbalizer, who created a three phase temperature controlling vaporizer.
Spout Springs eCig Store / Vapor Shop
Posted by Charlie Sloan on 9/9/2014 to Retail Stores

Spout Springs eCig Store / Vapor Shop Blog

Spout Springs Official Web Page

Vaping Safety Issues
Posted by Aqua Vapor on 9/8/2014 to General Discussion
Whether we like it or not, vaping is still a controversial topic. The medical researchers are yet to figure out the long-term effects of vaping, the governments around the world are still wondering about the best way to regulate it, and the users pretty much swear by it as a healthier alternative to tobacco. So, there are things about e-cigarettes we still don’t know, and while we have much to figure out, there are some things that we’ve already learned, especially when it comes to how to use them in the safest possible way.
A Newbie's Guide To Vaping Jargon
Posted by Aqua Vapor on 9/5/2014 to General Discussion
Connecting with fellow vapers requires a bit of insider knowledge to make the most of the community that has sprung up around this lifestyle. To take active part in the discussions both online and off, it helps to know a few key words just like you would when getting to know a new culture.
Ways to Tailor Electronic Smoking to Your Specific Preferences
Posted by Aqua Vapor Cig on 9/3/2014 to General Discussion
Electronic cigarettes have come a long way since they first became available. Today's e-cig users can enjoy a huge variety of products depending on their individual preferences.
Vaping And Style: How To Make Your E-Cig Fashion-Forward
Posted by Aqua Vapor on 9/3/2014 to General Discussion
These days, e-cigs are like iPods, mobile phones, and electronic tablets. They provide recreation and can be shown off as a stylish gadget. From being mainly functional, the e-cig has certainly evolved into yet another status symbol and fashion accessory. Along with this, vaping is also turning into a lifestyle, with a lot of individuals purchasing several e-cigs, throwing vaping parties and other events, and joining vaping communities online and offline.
AquaVaporCig 285 - Wake County Speedway August 30th
Posted by AquaVaporCig Racing on 8/28/2014 to Race Details

Our Next Race - August 30th
Wake County Speedway

Aqua Vapor ECig 285

How Much DIY Can You Sneak Into Vaping?
Posted by Aqua Vapor on 8/26/2014 to General Discussion
There’s a certain path everyone interested in vaping usually takes when getting acquainted with all the gear in today’s market. The path starts either at the cigarette-like e-cigs and then moves to the pen style starter kits, or skips the cigarette-like models altogether and goes straight to the starter kits.
The Wild Wild West
Posted by Aqua Vapor on 8/19/2014 to General Discussion
As unaware of the dangers of smoking as people were in the 1950’s, we may be just about as much in the dark about today’s puffing craze: e-cigarettes.
E-Cigs – A New Frontier for Big Tobacco
Posted by Aqua Vapor on 8/18/2014 to Electronic Cigarette News
The golden age of tobacco has passed. Actually, the tobacco industry has been taking hits from the health organizations and public health regulators across the world for some time now. In the United States, it started with the Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act of 1966, which sought to protect consumers by making tobacco companies include a health warning on each and every cigarette pack.
And How Are Things In Europe?
Posted by Aqua Vapor on 8/18/2014 to General Discussion
In February 2014, the European Parliament voted in new legislation that will regulate tobacco-products manufacturing, distribution and use in member countries. And you know what that means – the EU has regulated e-cigs. The rules, which are more of an annoyance to an e-cig user and bigger manufacturers than a real problem, are set to be implemented in 2016, giving both manufacturers and users ample time to adapt.
Classing up the Vape: eCigars and ePipes
Posted by Aqua Vapor on 8/17/2014 to General Discussion
The vaping experience just got a lot classier. Did you know that you can further customize your ecigarette experience by upgrading to an epipe or ecigar? Instead of pulling out an ecig, you can enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of vaping with a cigar or pipe.
Top 5 E-Liquid Flavors to Try This Summer
Posted by Aqua Vapor on 8/14/2014 to General Discussion
Summer is definitely setting us all ablaze as each day gets warmer than ever. And in order to cope with the rising temperature, we’re treating e-cigarette and e-juice lovers to these refreshing flavors just are too good to pass on this season.
When You Need A Puff
Posted by Aqua Vapor on 8/8/2014 to General Discussion
There are days when you just need a cigarette. You feel the urge to light up because of stress, the way the day went, or even due to running out of caring completely. 
We Can't Get No Respect Around Here!
Posted by Aqua Vapor Cig on 8/1/2014 to General Discussion
E-cigarettes are still relatively new to the smoking world, so it is only natural that they are not getting the proper respect they deserve.
How to Extend your E-Cig Battery Life
Posted by AquaVapor on 7/22/2014 to Electronic Cigarette News
E-cigarettes have to be cleaned regularly to help improve their shelf life. There are a number of simple measures you can follow to ensure that your device remains in fine working order.
For Your Consideration
Posted by Charlie Sloan on 7/10/2014 to eCig Cartridges & Cartomizers
When we are going to smoke, we look forward toward the flavor and the sensations that come along with the act of smoking. With e-cigarettes you are able to control what it is you are smoking and you can actually change it on whim if you so desire. It's a rather amazing little product as it allows you to have what you want every time or to even experiment with different types and flavors.
Posted by AquaVaporCig Racing on 7/10/2014 to Race Details

JULY 11-12, 2014

Types of E-Liquids on Offer
Posted by Charlie Sloan on 7/8/2014 to eCig Cartridges & Cartomizers
When people switch to e-cigarettes, picking the right kind of e-juice can be a little confusing. With so many choices at your disposal, it may be more practical to learn a little more about e-liquids and how they are developed.
Next Race - Greenville / Pickens Speedway - July 3rd 2014 - PASS Firecracker 125
Posted by Charlie Sloan on 6/28/2014 to Race Details
 July 3rd 2014
PASS Firecracker 125
At Greenville Speedway
Come see the Jody Measamer #98 Aqua Vapor Cig Car in Action on July 3rd 2014 at Greenville / Pickens Speedway

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