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iTaste Variable Voltage / Wattage v3.0 Smart Battery
Innokin iTaste v3 Variable Voltage & Wattage 800mAh Battery Express Kit
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iTaste Variable Voltage / Wattage v3.0 Smart Battery

Part Number iTaste-VV
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I understand this battery can only be charged with the supplied charger and using any other charger will result in failure and my warranty being voided
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iTaste VV v3 Variable Voltage / Wattage 800mAh Battery
with Built in Passthrough Feature and LCD Display
** Receive a FREE iTaste VV Lanyard with purchase of iTaste VV **
Limited to 1 per customer and not valid on wholesale orders

The All NEW Innokin iTaste VV V3.0 is a microprocessor controlled variable voltage / variable wattage (VV/VW) personal vaporizer battery that lets you adjust the voltage or wattage in seconds with just a few button presses. It's quick and easy!

Comes standard with;
1 - iTaste VV & VW Version 3.0 800mAh Battery
1 - iTaste USB Charging / Pass-through Cable (*** Does not include USB wall adapter ***)
1 - Gift Box
1 - User Manual

The Variable Voltage / Wattage iTaste Battery allows you to change the voltage and wattage to get the exact setting to give you the flavor and vapor to meet your preferences. Battery has an LCD display to show all the settings including a puff counter to let you know how many puffs have been taken since the last time the device was turned on. The best thing about this battery is you can use it while it's charging, just plug the charging cable into the end of battery and vape away while it's being charged. You can charge using your computers USB port, using a wall adapter, or with a USB car adapter.
If you already have eGo attachments the good news is all your existing eGo and 510 attachments will work on the iTaste VV battery. If you don't already have atomizer attachments you can add them to your purchase to get everything you need to start vaping. If you don't have liquid be sure to check out our large selection of Premium Electronic Cigarette Liquids.
The more voltage the more vapor!

Size: 15.1*15.1*99mm
Operating Voltage: 3.3V-5.0V
Operating Wattage: 6.0W-11.0W
Maximum Current Output: 3.5 ampere
Materials: copper tube /aluminum tube + zinc alloy

Main Features

Variable Voltage:
voltage can be adjusted from 3.3 – 5.0 volts in .1 volt increments.

Variable Wattage:
Wattage can be adjusted from 6.0 – 11.0 W in .5 watts increments.

Ohms meter:
Load Resistance Detection

Puff Counter:
The puff counter will record how many puffs you have taken. The records will be cleared when the device is turned off.

Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection:
Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection helps protect the iTaste VV against faulty atomizers

Over-Discharge Protection:
The iTaste VV monitors the battery voltage and will automatically turn off when the battery is discharged.

LED Battery Indicator:

The iTaste VV battery utilizes an advanced capacity display via green, yellow and red LED lights. Users will know the battery’s capacity via the color of the LED Button. The LED lights will show green, yellow or red to indicate full battery life, half capacity or charging needed.

Superior Battery Life:
The iTaste VV e-cigarette features a built-in 800 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery

510 & eGo Threaded:
The iTaste VV is threaded to accept 510 and eGo type attachments

ON/OFF Battery Switch:
Quickly clicking three times will power the device on or off. Once the device is on, holding down the button will activate the battery. This safety feature prevents the atomizer from turning on while it's in your pocket or bag, as well as inadvertent settings changes

10-Second Cutoff:
If the button is held down for 10 seconds or longer, the iTaste VV will shut itself off until the button is released

Pass-through Feature:
The iTaste VV is charged through a Micro USB Port. You can recharge it with any standard MicroUSB cable. It can also work as a pass-through device for simultaneous vaping and charging.

Settings Retention:
The device remembers the last voltage or wattage used when switching batteries

Display Information:

The bright display shows resistance (ohms), voltage, wattage, atomizer voltage output, puff count, and last-used settings.

The iTaste Variable Voltage / Wattage Electronic Cigarette Battery is compatible with all our 510 and eGo products except the eGo USB charger. This battery can only be charged with the supplied USB charging cable.

Rating Awesome for the money
I bought this for my wife and it is perfect for her. She uses it with a Protank 3 and loves it. easy to use, discreet, and she loves the Pearl Chrome. So, overall I would buy another if she lost or broke the current one she has.
  Reviewed by:   from Indiana. on 9/2/2015
Rating Great Battery
This is my second iTaste Variable Voltage battery. The first is still going strong. Wanted a second one because I like it so much! Great battery.
  Reviewed by:   from Vermont. on 7/7/2015
Rating Innokin iTaste VV
Love love love this variable voltage battery, long lasting on a charge, thin sleek design and easy to use
  Reviewed by:   from Panama City, FL. on 7/5/2015
Rating The most dependable battery for Dual Coil vaping
Simply put, the only bad thing about these batteries is that I tend to lose them, I think I've purchased around 10 of them or more. The thing about this battery is that it's so well designed that you'll never use anything else if you're more responsible than me and can keep track of it. It doesn't take too long to recharge and it can be used as a pass through. They're also extremely durable. Where some batteries might break if you keep them in your pocket, these stay solid. I love this battery.
  Reviewed by:   from New York, NY. on 6/16/2015
Rating Solid Little Battery
This is my go to battery when I am on the go, sure it is small, sure it doesn't last all day after months of use, but it gives you a wide range of customization to choose from so you get that "just right" hit. The menu can sometimes be frustrating to access but it simply takes knowledge of the product, and like an earlier review mentioned the rattling of the setting buttons is not bad unless you're purposefully shaking it.
  Reviewed by:   from California. on 6/4/2015
Rating V.good
V.nice Can not charge by normal charger only from the front
  Reviewed by:   from Lorton. on 3/17/2015
Rating Love It!!
This is the best battery I've purchased so far. Much better than the Innokin CLK. It works really well with the manager pro tank mini 3. The original pro tank looks bulky but the mini is perfect.
  Reviewed by:   from Stuart, FL. on 2/27/2015
Rating solid little battery
This thing is great. The ohm meter is accurate within 0.1, and the VV and VW function has a nice range for an ego-sized battery. The LED screen is nice and bright, easy to read even in the dark. The battery feels sturdy and like it has decent longevity. Some people might be bothered by the rattling of the + and - buttons, but it's hardly noticeable unless you go out of your way to shake it. The power button is nice and solid, and the wide flatness of it makes it easy to press straight-on. This battery can also be a nice way for some people to wet their toes with the simplest of small RDAs, since the built-in ohm meter ensures you'll be able to check the resistance of your coils. You won't be sub-ohming on this battery, but you'll be able to compare small RDAs to your usual tanks, and if your next upgrade is a mech mod, you won't have to buy a separate ohm meter or multimeter, just use this battery!
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 2/26/2015
Rating itaste variable voltage battery
love it. long lasting. will get another one
  Reviewed by:   from texas. on 2/25/2015
Rating One of the Best
This is probably the 1st variable voltage (vv) battery i purchased and its one of the best. It is manufactured very well. It maintains a constant voltage setting so you never have to worry about the draw. Would highly recommend!
  Reviewed by:   from Atlanta. on 2/10/2015
Rating Fantastic but not my favorite
This is a great battery. The voltage control and LED display are slick. I just also have the 1100 mAh VISION Variable Voltage eGo Spinner Battery and I like it a bit better. This iTaste battery is just as big but less power. Also there is a little metallic 'jingling' sound when you use it because the voltage increase and decrease buttons rattle. (a tiny thing, not a big deal but just mentioning it). If this was my only battery, I'd give it 5 stars but relative to the Vision, I'm giving 4.
  Reviewed by:   from New York. on 1/31/2015
Rating Follow the directions and you'll be golden.
I purchased this as an upgrade to the one that come in the ego starter kit. The battery itself works amazing. My one suggestion is to follow the directions. Do NOT get it wet and also ensure you are using only an approved charger as even though others may fit they will cause it to no longer work. I've owned 3 since I learned my lesson the hard way.
  Reviewed by:   from Springfield . on 1/28/2015
1st battery lasted 1 year. Great as a supplement to a MVP2!
  Reviewed by:   from FLORIDA. on 1/23/2015
Rating Great Battery
This is a great battery. Adjustable voltage and wattage makes for a great vape with different liquids
  Reviewed by:   from Chicago, Il. on 1/16/2015
Rating Love!
So far I have purchased 3 of these ecigs. They are wonderful and I like that you can set them to whatever wattage & voltage you choose.
  Reviewed by:   from Lewisville, TX. on 1/15/2015
Rating Good Battery
The iTaste VV I ordered from Aqua Vapor shipped quickly. It is a good quality battery and works well.
  Reviewed by:   from Athens, AL. on 1/14/2015
Rating Great Battery
I have purchased several of this battery. Performance is excellent. One thing I like very much about it is when it is laid down, it does not roll. The last two I bought have had a problem with the LED readout. The numbers are not centered making them a little hard to read. However it does not seem to make a difference in the performance of the battery so I did not return them. I will certainly buy more in the future and would certainly recommend this product.
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 1/9/2015
Rating Long lasting battery for all day enjoymnet
I have been using this battery for about 3 months now. I charge the battery overnight and it lasts all day long the next day. I now get great enjoyment using my ecig, all day long, with no worry about a dead battery. The cartomizer is my best choice so far of the types of e-cigs I have used. I hope to have much more vaping enjoyment ahead.
  Reviewed by:   from Morongo Valley, California. on 1/8/2015
Rating I taste smart battery
Great battery/great price
  Reviewed by:   from florida. on 12/29/2014
Rating My new best friend!
Wow! The relief of not having to carry around batteries any more and knowing that I can vape while I charge has completely changed the game for me. Its lightweight but sturdy and can take a drop to the floor. Love it!
  Reviewed by:   from Fairburn. on 12/28/2014
Rating iTaste
These are soooo my favorite batteries, so much so, that I purchased these for my best friend and her daughter...they LOVE THEM too!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Mukwonago, Wi. on 12/20/2014
Rating Just buy one!
I have owned a LOT of disappointing batterys over the years, ones that won't hold a charge, ones that won't produce one, round ones that roll off of tables...and there's nothing worse than watching a battery and an atomizer splat on a concrete floor. This is the best daily pocket driver on the market I think. This is the best place for the price... I swear, buy this one. It's square(softly so, rounded comfortable corners), very well built, has a crack on accuracy, measures the resistance of any coil for you, has a hassle-less pass thru, so you can vape while charging, and is fully adjustable VV or VW. Full day charge. Standard Micro USB aperture that you can power from many sources, the wall, computer, car, etc... The white and black are a textured finish, the pearl grey one is smooth, all wonderful; grey is the sleekest visually.
  Reviewed by:   from WA. on 12/20/2014
Rating Awesome
this is the best battery you could ever buy I highly recommend this I bought four of them for my family members
  Reviewed by:   from psl,fl. on 12/18/2014
Rating 5 star product
This is a great device to start getting into vv vw device's good quality easy-to-use
  Reviewed by:   from Elizabethville pa. on 12/12/2014
Rating ITaste Battery
Love this battery! Bought 2, one to use and one to keep charged. Love the way it charges. Can charge in the car while still using. Battery last a long time and is very sturdy.
  Reviewed by:   from Lansing. on 11/17/2014
Rating Amazing Battery
I've had this battery for 3 months now and it looks good and works amazing
  Reviewed by:   from Boulder, CO. on 11/14/2014
Rating My favorite battery!
Received one of these as a gift and after 8 months needed a replacement. Bought 2 at a good price here. I really like this battery over all others for a lot a reasons: it stands up easily on tabletop because the base is square; it has indicator lights (green, orange, red) to let ya know how much charge remains - no surprises! Three clicks on and off - much better than five clicks on other batteries! It automatically keeps track of times activated, it feels god in the hand, large easy to use buttons, easy to read digital screen. The retractable charger is also a winner, keeps everything neat and organized.
  Reviewed by:   from Fremont CA. on 11/7/2014
Rating Great buy!
I'm not into drip mods and sub-ohm stuff, and don't really have room for a Maglite shaped battery in my everyday life. This little guy is pretty cool. First off, Aquavapor customer support is outstanding! I had an issue that was my fault on my first order, and no questions asked, they corrected my mistake and still got my order processed fast. And shipment was quick, took 2 days to here from NC. The product itself was exactly what I expected. I like to taste my flavor, and I build my own coils and have tanks with different resistance coils, so the adjustable watt/volt is perfect for me to get the best vape out of each tank.
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 11/6/2014
Rating Solid APV !
This is a versatile, solid and reliable APV. I also use Mechs along with the iTaste and Joye ego VV's for backups but the iTaste v3.0 is the most versatile. I can also use it as an atomizer ohm reader as well. All around fantastic and well rounded vaporizer.
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 9/29/2014
Rating great product
best VV battery money can buy, awesome to be able to charge while vaping
  Reviewed by:   from HOUSTON. on 9/22/2014
Rating great product
I really like this battery. It is easy to use and made well. I plan on buying another one.
  Reviewed by:   from atl, ga. on 9/21/2014
Rating iTaste variable voltage/battery USB
I use this USB batter charger for work, just plugged it into my computer and I can use my ecig all day which saves battery usage on my portable eCig. Just love this one!
  Reviewed by:   from Orange County. on 9/14/2014
Rating Great Battery
This battery is my go to battery. I like that it can be easily charged with any charger that I charge my phone with. I also like the puff count so I can slow my usage down when it gets too high (e liquid gets expensive). The battery is only 800 mah so it tends to die without a charge quicker than my Vision Spinners, but that is to be expected given that the Spinners have 1300 mah's.
  Reviewed by:   from Ventura, California. on 9/13/2014
Rating i Taste variable Voltage/Wattage Battery
Love the product! The charge lasts all day and the vape is amazing. Would highly recommnend! As always, super fast expediting and shipping from Aqua Vapor. :)
  Reviewed by:   from Ironton Ohio. on 9/10/2014
Rating Great Power
Love these batteries. My husband and I don't have to worry about dead batteries any more! The power is variable and lasts a long time, but it also has the power to be used while charging. How cool is that?
  Reviewed by:   from Parkersburg, WV. on 9/6/2014
Rating Awesome!
These are great batteries! Long lasting, adjustable and best of all, if it's running low and you busy at work or home in front of your computer, just plug it in and keep going!
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 8/26/2014
Rating Highly recommend this battery.
I had an Ego battery before and really disliked changing the battery out of it three times a day, and the spring mechanism to make the electric contact was flawed...leaking nicotine would hide down there and it was next to impossible to get out. The spring would also give out. Itaste was my saviour!! The charge last all day and then some. I would drain it all the way before charging for a couple weeks...after that, I just plug it in before bed(it's a night light) every night and goes all day strong. The price from AV is great too! I have two of for nicotine...the other for CO2(used with a Kanger MT3). I beat the heck out of mine because I keep it in my pocket at the construction job..."It takes a beating and keeps on heating!". No it's not as pretty as the day I bought it, but it still works great. An unbelievable story was told to me that my buddy ran his over with a bobcat(in the dirt) and was still working. Sure enough he pulls it out of his pocket and it looks bent and mangled. He pushes the button and vapor came out of his mouth. True story, no urban legend. I highly recommend buying this battery.
  Reviewed by:   from Springfield Illinois. on 8/19/2014
Rating Good deal all around
I enjoy the variable voltage the most in brining out the flavor of a liquid. Some liquids vary to me so just a .1 change in the voltage can bring the flavor out more to my liking. The pass through feature is a nice perk & the battery from a full charge lasts a good while, better than I expected. The price is a good deal considering everything you get. Had mine for five months & still going strong, no problems. Thanks aqua vapor.
  Reviewed by:   from Arkansas. on 8/17/2014
Rating One of the Best
This is without a doubt one of my favorites batteries. Long lasting, easy to operate, and durable. I definitely recommend.
  Reviewed by:   from Mississippi. on 8/4/2014
Rating Innokin iTaste
So when I ordered this battery I was a little intimidated cause I had never used one like it. I have to say that I got the hang of it really quickly. Very easy to read instructions. Battery life last a good while and I vape pretty much all day. Shipping from aqua vapor was super fast. I will be ordering g this product again.
  Reviewed by:   from Texas . on 7/31/2014
Rating iTaste Battery
I have been using this website for over a year. Everything has been sent promptly and in good working condition and I feel very comfortable ordering from here. The iTaste battery is wonderful! The ejuice tastes so much better with the options of voltage. So much so i have gotten four other people to quit smoking and start vaping. Make sure to buy a couple so you can have different juices in each one. :)
  Reviewed by:   from Wisconsin. on 7/14/2014
Rating Good Battery Short Lifespan
I have purchased 4 of these batteries since Oct./2013. I like to have two batteries at all times. I have found out these only work in wattage setting or voltage setting, not a combination of both. I am now noticing the the last set I have are getting weaker. I like this battery all except for the life span. Just outside the warranty period. On a good note Aqua Vapor some of the best prices on these. I gave only 2 stars based on battery life span. Also the rivets start to come loose after about two months. This has happened on 3 out of 4 on 1 battery all but 1 rivet has come out.The older single rivet was better but the bottom LCD came out of the case. I pushed it back in and was careful till the battery would not hold a charge very long. I am a heavy hitter I find I am recharging about 3 times a day.I would be happy if these thing would at least last a year. Remember I am on my 2nd set since 10/13, and getting ready to need to have those replaced.
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 7/11/2014
Rating Sweet little Mod
I have been meaning to pick on of these up for awhile and recently bought the Pearl Chrome version and like it very much,it is compact light and performs very well the battery life leaves a little to be desired however i mainly use this when i am out and cannot bring along one of my bigger mods,for the price it is a steal.
  Reviewed by:   from New York. on 7/11/2014
Rating itaste 3.0
Best battery I've tried... Great vapor production... Long battery life... Great product...
  Reviewed by:   from connecticut . on 7/11/2014
Rating Itaste vv/vw V3.0
This was defiantly not what I expected as a new vaper! I expected it to be very complicated but it's not at all!!!! You press 2 button to Change your voltage! The packaging is really nice hard box and the inside has molded place for the mod and charger. Shipped very fast!!!! Thank you aquavapor for supplying a awesome product. Highly recommended to all
  Reviewed by:   from Greeneville tn. on 7/6/2014
Rating Awesomeness!
What can I say? I am completely thrilled! The battery is SO reliable. I had never used a pass through battery it! Its sleek and square. Very Unique and I highly recommend. Oh and my cartridge doesn't leak...not sure why but that makes me very happy too. Excellent purchase!
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 7/5/2014
Rating On the Go
Perfect for short trips and on the go. Prefer this over the winders or spinners, even with its shorter battery life.
  Reviewed by:   from California. on 7/2/2014
Rating A must have!
A great step up from a standard eGo battery. Besides the variable voltage, variable wattage and ohm meter, what I really like about this battery is that it's square. All my other batteries are round and you have to be careful standing them up. Not so with this one. The square design gives it a more solid footing. The charger is really slick too. The charging wire rolls up on itself when you just want to charge the battery or put it away...or you can extend it to full length and vape off it while charging. It will lock in place at any length you want. A really nice feature.
  Reviewed by:   from Miami. on 6/25/2014
Rating awesome battery
This is the best battery i own right now, i bought one and have not used any other battery since. The pass through feature is the main thing i like about, with that you should only need one its perfect.
  Reviewed by:   from Cincinnati, Oh. on 6/24/2014
Rating The Best
Just received this yesterday, and it is amazing. It is so easy to program and get the perfect vape. Price was great too.
  Reviewed by:   from Ny. on 6/20/2014

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