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Electronic cigarette starter kits come in various options. They have everything you need to make the switch from smoke to Vapor Cigarettes. Click the buttons below for more information about our selection of eCig kits, devices and accessories.  Don't wait, Make the Switch today.

Which Model is Right for Me???     


Mini eCig:  The smallest eCig on the market is the PocketCig by Aqua Vapor.  With the portable charging case that fits easily in your pocket or purse, you will always have your eCig handy and ready to use

Compact eCigs:  Comparable to the size of a traditional cigarette, the compact eCig is a popular choice for those looking for a discreet alternative to smoking.  The compact eCig is available with 4081 or 510 threading and either can be used with refillable cartomizers or clearomizers.

Mid-Size eCigs:  Also known as eGo, the mid-size eCig is larger in length and diameter than the compact eCig and is available in many options including standard and variable voltage.  The mid-size batteries provide longer battery life between charges and offer greater flexibility with regard to clearomizer or tank attachments.

Advanced eCigs:  Advanced eCigs include mods, variable voltage/wattage, sub-ohm, and temperature control devices and are NOT for the beginner vaper.  These products are larger than all other models and have multiple capabilities for the experienced vaper.

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