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eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Regular
E-Liquid / Smoke Juice USA Mix Regular Flavor for Electronic Cigarette
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eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Regular

Part Number eLiquid-Regular
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Regular Tobacco Flavor (USAs Favorite Blend)

For those who enjoy the taste and feel of a rich full flavored tobacco cigarette, our regular tobacco flavor eLiquid USAs favorite blend has got you covered. Try it and immerse yourself in smooth, rich tobacco

Best quality e-Liquid on the market!

Produced by the #1 e-Liquid manufacturer in the world!

All eCig cartridges (yes, all of them, any model, and brand) can be refilled with our juice. Re-filling cartridges is the most cost effective way to utilize an eCig as a smoking alternative
Re-Filling your eCig Cartridges, Cartomizer, and Tanks is very simple, if you're not sure how to refill give us a call and we'll walk you through it!

Electronic Cigarette e-Liquid (10ml, 20ml and 30ml)

10ml ($5.95)

20ml ($10.95)

30ml ($13.95)

e-Liquid Information:
  • High Nicotine is equivalent to Full Flavor Cigarette - 24mg
  • Medium Nicotine is equivalent to Light Flavor Cigarette - 16mg
  • Low Nicotine is equivalent to Ultra-Light Flavor Cigarette - 11mg
  • No Nicotine contains no Nicotine - (Just the flavor) 0mg

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Rating Full flavor
I purchased this e-liquid and I love it! Great full flavor taste for those who like nicotine at it's best. You can't go wrong with this product.
  Reviewed by:   from wisconsin. on 2/19/2015
Rating smoke Juice
I enjoy the regular juice. The taste is clean and I feel good that I'm not getting all the toxic chemicals from regular cigarettes. I switched over to the ecig almost 3 years ago and I very satisfied with Aqua Vapor products.
  Reviewed by:   from Kenosha, WI. on 2/15/2015
Rating Tried and true
I started two years ago with this liquid. It came prefilled in cartomizers and I bought the RN4081 kit, so I stuck with it. I use it in all clearomisers, cartomizers and tanks. The flavor always comes through and before I tried other juices (you can get carried away with this stuff!)and none held their flavor as well as the Regular which is like Marlboro Lights in my opinion. You can't go wrong with this juice.
  Reviewed by:   from W. Palm Beach, Florida. on 2/12/2015
Rating Favorite Juice
This is my favorite juice. I have bought locally and online and still come back here. Everything I try does not taste as close to a real cigarette as this. Most are too nutty. Some are too thick. Only issue is my fault when I wait too long to buy more.
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 1/21/2015
Rating Yum!!
This liquid will be my go to. Great vapor and taste. Good throat hit. Somewhat nutty hints but has that tobacco flavor I have been looking for
  Reviewed by:   from 32726. on 12/15/2014
Rating Fav!
I really like this flavor! Doesn't taste like a cigarette, but it gives the feeling of one.
  Reviewed by:   from Mesa . on 11/19/2014
Rating Regular drops
This is my go to flavor it is sweet and nutty well balanced
  Reviewed by:   from tridelll. on 11/17/2014
Rating Regular Smoke Juice
Comes really close to the flavor of a real cigarette. I would highly recommend this juice to someone who prefers tobacco flavor over sweet or fruity flavors.
  Reviewed by:   from Smithfield, PA. on 11/3/2014
Rating Liked this
Started out using this regular flavor and now I don't want to run out. I will keep ordering this one.
  Reviewed by:   from Iowa. on 10/22/2014
Rating Great Product and Price !!
I've tried other juices but this one is number one in my book. I buy in quantity because Aquavapor's bulk price is the best deal.
  Reviewed by:   from Glastonbury, CT. on 10/20/2014
Rating Perfect
It is my favorite juice. Great taste!
  Reviewed by:   from Alexandria VA. on 10/16/2014
Rating Regular Smoke Juice
Perfect taste and very smooth
  Reviewed by:   from Hattiesburg, MS. on 10/14/2014
Rating usa mix regular
really like this e juice similar to regular cig excellant taste. super fast shipping. always buy from aqua vapor. thanks
  Reviewed by:   from westbrook maime. on 10/6/2014
Rating Smoke Juice
Your juice is the best. I ran out one day and went to a local store and bought a bottle and it was just the worst tasting stuff. I will make sure I never run out again.
  Reviewed by:   from Middle River, Maryland. on 9/14/2014
Rating The Best E - Liquid on the market!
My daughter uses the regular flavor, and I use when I run out of Menthol, but it's by far the best E - Liquid on the market. Having variable nicotine levels, as many flavors as one could imagine! Great, smooth flavor!
  Reviewed by:   from Lafayette, In. on 8/18/2014
Rating Reminds Me of a Strong Analog Cigarette
I went searching for a juice that come close to regular tobacco and I have found it. This has a strong dry throat hot, similar to regular cig, it is a strong flavor that seriously is close to the real thing!
  Reviewed by:   from danville VA. on 8/5/2014
Rating Great
This is my favorite juice of all. It has a clean tobacco flavor that you can't find anywhere else.
  Reviewed by:   from Warrior, AL. on 8/2/2014
Rating Smoke Juice Regular
I really like this E-Juice. It is not at all harsh as some can be. The smoke is of good quality and even though there is no nicotine in the product it still feels like a really good cig and that's perfect for me.
  Reviewed by:   from Palm Bay Florida. on 7/28/2014
Rating My favoite of the e liquids
And I've tried a lot and a good many brands. I've found closer and cheaper but not as good.
  Reviewed by:   from Tuscaloosa Alabama. on 7/16/2014
Rating Best flavor
I've tried other types of juice but this one is the best. Clean, smooth taste that doesn't clog the tanks. I typically buy them in bulk because Aquavapor's bulk prices are the best deals around.
  Reviewed by:   from ohio. on 7/15/2014
Rating Good 'ol traditional flavor
I love sticking with traditional tobacco flavors. This standard one is definitely my go-to. Will be buying more soon!
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 7/11/2014
Rating eliquid/smoke juice regular
This is my favorite product.It has an excellant taste. I order it alot.
  Reviewed by:   from Jackson, Mississippi. on 7/4/2014
Rating Liquid
Love this flavor! This is the only liquid I use. Love love love it!
  Reviewed by:   from Escondido . on 6/22/2014
Rating Regular Smoke Juice
My wife and I have been using this juice for at least a couple of years now. The taste is great and very refreshing.
  Reviewed by:   from Hattiesburg, MS. on 6/21/2014
Rating Great vapor
After using several different e juices this is my favorite. The taste and vapor is the best!
  Reviewed by:   from Montezuma . on 6/17/2014
Rating Tasty
I enjoy this flavor very much! Not too strong, very mellow and I would definitely order this again for myself :)
  Reviewed by:   from California. on 6/12/2014
Rating love this!
I love this product. I have tried other flavors, but this is the best tobacco flavor I have found. And you can't beat the price!
  Reviewed by:   from Cleveland. on 6/12/2014
Rating Regular Smoke Juice flavor
I have tried different "regular" smoke juice flavors from other companies. Aqua Vapor's version of this smoke juice however is by far the best tasting and as close to real tobacco taste as I have tried.
  Reviewed by:   from Rumford, RI. on 6/9/2014
Rating E-Liquid
Smooth and satisfying at a great price and from a great company.
  Reviewed by:   from Hockessin Delaware. on 6/6/2014
Rating Awesome
Best regular flavor. Doesn't leave a bad taste at all, highly recommend. Trying this.
  Reviewed by:   from North Carolina. on 6/4/2014
Rating Perfect.
This is just great :) Nothing more to say, perfect "taste" and vapor.
  Reviewed by:   from Brandon, FL. on 7/20/2013
Rating Great starter juice..
Mmmm, great tasting starter smoke juice. It has turned me onto all the other flavors available. Thank you AquaVapor..
  Reviewed by:   from Tempe, AZ. on 7/15/2013
Rating Nice!
Along with 555, this mix is the most like analog. Nothing fancy or sweet, it provides a realistic experience at a good price. Worth a try if you are quitting tobacco.
  Reviewed by:   from CT. on 6/18/2013
Rating Great Flavor
This is a great tobacco flavor. It's one of the closest to Marlboro that I smoked for years. I keep this highly stocked so I don't run out.
  Reviewed by:   from Louisville, KY. on 5/31/2013
Rating Smooth
This was the first eliquid i tried from AV and i was very satisfied. Smooth taste with a good throat hit. I mix it with a few drops of apple to change things up.
  Reviewed by:   from NY. on 5/19/2013
Rating Mix This Regular Tobacco Flavor with Menthol For an Outstanding Taste
I Have been ordering this regular tobacco flavor and mixing it with 3 or 4 different menthol e-liquid's from this site. The end result is a Clean, Smooth, Menthol, Tasting, Awesome E-Liquid. By adding the Regular Flavor with the Menthol. It gives the E-Liquid a Much Better overall flavor and makes it more realistic tasting. at the same time it keeps the smooth, clean taste. That all of us Menthol Vapors Love.
  Reviewed by:   from Eastern,CT. on 5/4/2013
Rating Pleasantly Surprised
Since this was the liquid sample that came with my ego kit I didn't expect too much flavor wise. I've tried another e-cig and it was terrible but this flavor surpassed the other brand with flying colors. I noted in my ego review that the taste is very similar to a leading tobacco brand without the bitter burnt flavor of a traditional cigarette and I love the fact I can actually get it without nicotine at all! Super pleased with my purchase. Definitely will be ordering a refill once I'm out and can't want to try the rest!
  Reviewed by:   from Saint Louis, MO. on 4/15/2013
Rating refill liquid
I used it to refill 4081 cartomizers. Refilling is easy and bottle design works well. Taste of this flavor is equivalent to "regular" cartomizers. Big fan!
  Reviewed by:   from Pennsylvania. on 2/27/2013
Rating Best taste!!
This is the best e liquid flavor I have ever tried!! A must have!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 2/6/2013
Rating Great flavor lots of vapor
This was the first eliquid from AV I tried. Very smooth slightly sweet. One of my favorites for sure. I will definetly be adding this to my list to reorder. Once again a great product from AV.
  Reviewed by:   from McLoud, OK. on 12/17/2012
Rating Another great surprise
I'll admit, being the "regular" flavor, I didn't expect much from this. Not for the first time with AV (and I'm sure not the last) I was incredibly surprised. This is an incredibly good consistent juice. Quickly has become one of my must haves for orders.
  Reviewed by:   from Ohio. on 12/5/2012
Rating Premium Regular Eliquid
Wow, great Eliquid. I bought the 30ML and will keep coming back, the taste is great and strong vapor. No after taste and smooth all the way. I know I will be back for more. This is a great company.
  Reviewed by:   from Orlando FLorida. on 11/14/2012
Rating amazing
this product is totally amazing....i was at a loss for words when i took my first puff and realized how much like my marlboros it tastes....nothing else to say have to try it to believe it
  Reviewed by:   from hampton georgia. on 11/9/2012
Rating Premium juice
Just ordered a shipment to keep in frig. Great tasting, smooth delicate taste. Vaping this juice with my new eGo C was more than satisfying! Terrific pricing, quick shipping and a rewards program to boot! Thanks Aqua Vapor!
  Reviewed by:   from Chicago. on 11/9/2012
Rating Simply Good
I got this flavor with my starter kit and ordered three more bottles. It's always smooth and satisfying. I can't wait to try some other flavors!
  Reviewed by:   from Hampden, ME. on 10/29/2012
Rating eLiquid
This is the best stuff u can buy at a good price. And the money u save compared to a regular carton of cigs is incredable. Thank you Aquavapor. Taffy
  Reviewed by:   from Spring Creek, NV. on 9/12/2012
Rating Love this Flavor
I have tried a couple of other eCig Liquids, but this is the best one. Full flavor and always consistent, as well as the best value.
  Reviewed by:   from Saint Louis. on 6/18/2012
Rating By Far the best
I've been vaping for well over a month and this has been by far my favorite flavor. We have a few local shops who mix their own juices, and none of them can compare to this. This has a great throat hit and goes down smooth.
  Reviewed by:   from Blaine, MN. on 6/9/2012
Rating Classic Remastered
This juice is a great starting point when enterring into vaping from analogs, its taste will have you swearing it was the real thing the only difference is its very slight sweet after taste, once you try it, the doors open up to possibilities. This flavor is also one to bring back the love of vaping if you have been doing it for a while. Thankyou again AquaVapor
  Reviewed by:   from Phoenix, AZ. on 3/12/2012
Rating The Best
I've tried other eLiquids from other companies, because they were less money, but its true, you get what you pay for. I have found with AquaVapor, the flavor is much better and just plain works better. The regular flavor is one of my favorites, and I have tried several. Some I wasn't to sure about at first, but they all seem to grow on you. Thanks AquaVapor! Also Very fast shipping!
  Reviewed by:   from okla. on 2/19/2012

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