RN4081 Cartomizer - 5 Pre-filled or Blank Cartomizers for Classic RN4081 eCigarette | Best Quality RN4081 Cartomizer from Aqua Vapor eCig
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5 Pre-filled or Blank Cartomizers for Classic RN4081
RN4081 Cartomizers for Classic RN4081 Electronic Cigarette | Premium and Best Quality RN4081 Cartomizer
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5 Pre-filled or Blank Cartomizers for Classic RN4081

Part Number RN4081 Cartomizers
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This will make your RN4081 the smoothest, best performing device on the market!
You won't believe the difference! 

The cartomizer is a combination unit of a cartridge and atomizer. The cartomizer screws directly into the battery and just like the regular atomizer, is activated when you inhale. Cartomizers last longer than traditional cartridges, with a puff count of over 200. They are also easy to puff, as not as much force is needed to produce vapor since the disposable atomizer is in closer proximity to the cartridge wick than with a normal atomizer. Cartomizers are refillable, we recommend they only be refilled around 10 times as they decrease in performance after 10 refills. 

The best method to refill is to remove the filter from the battery then remove the rubber end piece (small white rubber insert with hole) and drip liquid against the cartomizer wall so it runs down to the cotton filler. You want to drip on the wall to keep the liquid from going into the center hole and running out the thread end of the cartomizer. You should drip 2 drops, turn the cartomizer 1/4 turn then drip 2 more drops. Repeat this waiting a few seconds after each turn until you have put 20 - 25 drops in the cartomizer (for new blank cartomizers it may take up to 30 drops). Replace the rubber cap and wipe any excess liquid off the threads and it's ready to use. 

Our Classic RN4081 Cartomizers fit a lot of popular models like the NJOY NPRO, Smoking Everywhere, Smoke Stik, Green Cig, Smoke Free, etc... If you are not sure about your model please give us a call or email us at sales@aquavaporcig.com with the model/brand of the current ecig you have.

Rating Love the Classic RN4081 Cartimizers!
I purchase these regularly. And when the pre-filled Menthol is gone, I refill then using my Menthol Juice.
  Reviewed by:   from Connecticut. on 6/25/2016
Rating Great tasting & lasting!
I love these e-cig cartons! They taste great and last a good amount of time. I highly recommend them!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Los Angeles. on 4/16/2016
Rating Some Issues but Overall Better than Others
These cartomizers work pretty well. Only had a couple of issues with them. Some haven't worked with certain batteries but will with other batteries. All batteries are Buzz Ecig auto sticks. Little strange but for the most part they last longer and don't burn out as fast as others we have tried.
  Reviewed by:   from PA. on 4/8/2016
Rating Very Satisfying
Been using them for a few years and they always are fresh and satisfying.
  Reviewed by:   from Newtown PA. on 10/11/2015
Rating Blank RN4081 Cartomizers
So far so goodÖ. just switched to these after another company I had been ordering from sent me some that had a really funny taste even though they were bank. So far these are great!!
  Reviewed by:   from Wisconsin. on 9/26/2015
Rating Aquqvapor
Aqua vapor is very helpful when you talk to customer service and shipping times are very fast!!!
  Reviewed by:   from 69101. on 9/25/2015
Rating Love These!
These carts are great! They work like new on each refill and last much longer than other brands I've tried!!! Also, I had an order that was filled incorrectly once, but I sent a quick email and within 2 days I had my correct order in the mail with a return shipping package all ready to go....great customer service Aqua Vapor!
  Reviewed by:   from Rochester, NY. on 8/22/2015
Rating Blank Cartos
I still Love using my RN4081 E-Cig System & using these Blank Cartos @ such a Reasonable Price, makes it that much more Enjoyable. I have Some that I've Re-Used Countless times over & OVER but, I will be purchasing MANY More in the Future.
  Reviewed by:   from Kentucky. on 5/7/2015
Rating Brown Carto
Looks good, just like a real filter. The rubber insert is easy to remove for refills and cleaning. So far the paper hasn't even started to peel on any of them. The only fault is that one of mine came bent. It works just fine, just makes the ecig look crooked.
  Reviewed by:   from Chicago, Il. on 4/30/2015
Rating great item
i love this item wouldn't use anything else
  Reviewed by:   from merced, calif. on 4/14/2015
Rating The best
These cartomizers are by far the best I've ever used and I've used quite a few. They will be the only ones I'll ever but, which by the way are a great bargain. You can't go wrong!
  Reviewed by:   from 69 Simonson Road Glen Head, NY. on 4/12/2015
Rating blank cartomizers
These cartomizers are perfect for me as I experiment with different juice flavors. easy to use and no burt cotton taste!
  Reviewed by:   from memphis tn. on 3/14/2015
Rating Love these..tastes like the real thing!
Great flavor!
  Reviewed by:   from Indiana. on 1/25/2015
Rating Great Product
Great Flavor
  Reviewed by:   from Tn.. on 12/22/2014
Rating Good
Quality flavor!
  Reviewed by:   from Missouri. on 11/30/2014
Rating 4081 Cartomizers
I ordered the 4081 blank cartomizers filter type and they turned out to be one of the best that I have ever used. Hope you guys don't get rid of them because I love them and will be ordering more. Keep up the good work guys and I appreciate it. Thanks
  Reviewed by:   from Fort Myers. on 11/15/2014
Rating Great stuff!
I really like the flavor and function of these cartomizers. I get a box of these with nearly every order so I can toss the oldest ones when they are worn out.
  Reviewed by:   from Mansfield, OH. on 11/3/2014
Rating RN4081 ecig cartomizer
good product, have been using these for over 2 years and very satisfied with performance.
  Reviewed by:   from texas. on 10/30/2014
Rating Pre-filled Cartomizers
I went on vacation last week and forgot to take extra aqua-vapor cartomizers with me and had to buy an e-cigarette and cartomizers at a local drug store. It was a terrible substitute and cost more to boot. Glad to have my aqua vapors back.
  Reviewed by:   from Harleysville PA. on 10/15/2014
Rating pre filled cartamizers
have used for some time now and am happy with them,
  Reviewed by:   from Jacksonville Ar. on 10/1/2014
Rating Great flavor!
I've been vaping using these cartomizers for 3 years now, and I really enjoy the menthol flavor and the amount of vapor. Whenever there has been a problem, which is rare, the customer service team has taken care of it swiftly and courteously. I love AquaVapor products!
  Reviewed by:   from Seward, Nebraska. on 9/9/2014
Rating Love Classic RN4081
I've been using the Classic RN4081 from AquaVapor for quite a while and I love it. Reordering cartomizers is simple and reliable. The cartomizers are generally reliable with regard to quality--once in a while there's a dud in a box, but overall I've been very satisfied and continue to reorder. Thanks for a great product.
  Reviewed by:   from Nebraska. on 8/11/2014
Rating RN4081 Cartomizers (Brown, Reg, High)
Generally, I'm pretty satisfied with the product and also the service. My only complaints with the filters: 1) sometimes some or all of a box of new filters will taste OLD, bad taste. 2) sometimes the small white filter tips fall out easily, but that's not a big problem. I find it easier to order by phone than by website. Speed of delivery (by mail) has been excellent, usually by 2 business days, sometimes next day. Batteries (the cigarette part) are good, some have lasted 2 years.
  Reviewed by:   from Corolla, NC. on 8/8/2014
Rating classic rn4081
Awesome, gives a great flavor with a lot of vapor.. I would'nt change a thing
  Reviewed by:   from michigan. on 8/8/2014
Rating review
I have used aqua vapor for all my egig needs. I have been very satisfied w cartomizers and the oil.
  Reviewed by:   from down south somewhere. on 8/3/2014
Rating pre filled cartomizer for classic rn4081
Always enjoy these but feel they are not lasting for more than 3 uses
  Reviewed by:   from Phila., pa. on 7/30/2014
Rating cartomizers
tryed others but so far i find aqua cartomizers the best as far as easy to draw smoke thru and easy to refil
  Reviewed by:   from shenandoah pa. on 7/30/2014
Rating best cartomizers!
I only order my cartomizers from Aqua vapor! I have tried other universal cartomizers and they don't add up. I don't know another company that has refillable cartomizers. And the price is unbeatable! By far the most affodable i've seen!
  Reviewed by:   from Cleveland Ohio. on 7/30/2014
Rating Love these!!
If you are like me, you like easy. These are an all in one piece that you just screw on (if you get pre-filled) or fill and screw on. No extra pieces to deal with.
  Reviewed by:   from Titus, Alabama. on 7/25/2014
Rating Love it
I always buy the blank cartridges and fill them. Love the quality of this product. Thanks Aquavapor!
  Reviewed by:   from Belleville, IL. on 7/11/2014
Rating cartomizers & batteries
I have used the AV products for probably two years. This if after using several other types of e-cigs. I use the RN4081 model and the pre-filled cartomizers in Medium Menthol. It is not the most economical way but it is the easiest for me and the most satisfying for me. Customer Service is excellent and my orders are filled quickly and delivered quickly.
  Reviewed by:   from Harleysville PA. on 7/8/2014
Rating Pre-Filled Cartomizers - Must Have
The pre-filled menthol cartomizers are great. You can refill over and over and I always have a supply on hand and with me no matter where I am. Love them.
  Reviewed by:   from Maryland. on 7/5/2014
Rating The best out there
These cartomizers not only work well but they are extremely durable. I enjoy refilled cartomizers over and over and especially like the fact I can mix my own flavors.
  Reviewed by:   from Massachusetts. on 6/23/2014
Rating This is the only kind I'll use
I've tried the other filters for this model and these work the best and are great for refilling multiple times. Well worth the price!
  Reviewed by:   from Buffalo. on 6/20/2014
Rating Work So Well!
I have been using the RN4081 Cardomizer for 4 yrs and wouldn't use anything else. Provides a great VAPE!
  Reviewed by:   from MN. on 6/20/2014
Rating Great Product and even Greater service!
I purchase these cartomizers once a month and really enjoy them! The quality is amazing! I used to order them from a different company and I never knew if they would taste the same as the last order, or if I'd even receive them. I never worry with Aquavaporcig.com! I highly recommend this product and Aquavaporcig.com!
  Reviewed by:   from Elizabeth, Colorado. on 6/20/2014
Rating works great!
These filters are consistently good. These work as consistently stated and would continue to purchase.
  Reviewed by:   from Ohio. on 6/16/2014
Rating Caromizers
These are really great. They las a long time.
  Reviewed by:   from Surf City, NJ. on 6/15/2014
Rating Loyal customer
I have been using aquavapor products for many years. I am very pleased with the cartomizers for my RN4081 batteries. They taste great and provide just the right amount of vapor......A++++
  Reviewed by:   from Scottsdale, AZ. on 6/13/2014
Rating Cartomizers with tobacco flavor
These cartomizers must have high quality components. They always work well. I have never gotten a dud and the last!
  Reviewed by:   from Rumford, RI. on 6/13/2014
Rating 4081 classic ecig
this is by far the best e cig. I had to try many to find this one and this company. you get the "real feel" and taste. I have many people stop me to ask about it, and they are amazed at the vapor that it puts out! can't go wrong with any of aquavapors products. I also have an ego, love it also!!
  Reviewed by:   from indiana. on 6/8/2014
Rating Classic Cartomizers are the best solution for me.
I have tried a great variety of E Cig products and most were not satisfactory. I am looking for a steady, consistent draw without liquid spewing out or bitter aftertaste. While I still refill some cartomizers and use other tank type devices on occasion, this product is my first choice for regular use. They are consistent and always deliver a smooth draw.
  Reviewed by:   from Chicago. on 6/7/2014
Rating Prefilled cartomizers
Very satisfying and at a great price. I have tried several other products but none as good as AquaVapor.
  Reviewed by:   from Hockessin, Delaware. on 6/6/2014
Rating Great flavor
I came across these cartomizers a while back and love them! The menthol flavor is excellent. I love the pre-filled ones because it is easy to just swap them out but they can also be re-filled with the liquid to make it more cost effective. I would definately recommend this product.
  Reviewed by:   from North Carolina. on 6/5/2014
Rating Been using these for years!
IMO,these blank cartomizers offer the most convenient way to enjoy your classic RN4081 e-cig, and still have the opportunity to use your own e-liquid blend. When other companies seem to run out of these blanks, aquavapor always has them in stock. Great customer service!
  Reviewed by:   from Norfolk VA. on 5/4/2014
Rating These are by far the Best!
I have tried many other brands of cartomizers and these by Aquavapor are the best I have ever used. They last an incredible long time, I could get 2-3 weeks use on one cartomizer but I change them once a week. Best deal on the market.
  Reviewed by:   from Lagrange, KY. on 3/26/2014
Rating Great E-Cig
I have used this company's e-cigs for a year now and have not smoked a single regular cigarette during that time, the flavors are good, and a pack of these lasts longer than a normal pack of cigarettes.
  Reviewed by:   from Little Rock Arkansas. on 1/19/2014
Rating RN4081 atomizers
As far as I'm concerned aquavapor e cigs are the best e-cigs in the the United States of America. no other brand comes close. if you want the best e-cigs you gotta go to aquavapor.com, and the price cannot be beat, believe me I've tried many times to see if I can find a lower price, with absolutely no success and many hours wasted. aquavapor e-cigs are the best. numero uno in my book. ' nuff said
  Reviewed by:   from Paterson. on 8/1/2013
Rating stainless cartomizers
These things look cool. I bought the low resistance cartomizers before and they didnt seem to last as long. After i bought these cartomizers i realized that these hold more fluid which helps alot. Somtimes i leave the house with just one cartridge and its nice to know that i should have enough to last. I alsp dont have to fill them as often.
  Reviewed by:   from little falls minnesota. on 4/16/2013
Rating Excellent flavor, great vapor and long life
Love the Regular flavor as a standby, every day flavor. Smooth and easy draw, clouds of vapor make it a joy to puff on.
  Reviewed by:   from Richmond VA. on 4/14/2013

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