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Replacement Batteries for Classic RN4081 - Electronic Cigarette
Electronic Cigarette Battery for Classic RN4081 Model | One of the best eCig batteries you can buy!
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Replacement Batteries for Classic RN4081 - Electronic Cigarette

Part Number BATTERY-Classic
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Replacement Battery for Classic RN4081 Model Electronic Cigarette
Also Compatible with DSE103
Get an extra battery to be sure you always have a charged battery ready to go. The key to extended battery life is to never charge them before they are completely dead, always keep the threads clean on the battery, atomizers, and cartomizers.
The RN4081 Electronic Cigarette Battery comes in multiple color options and has a very smooth drag for easy vaping!
eCig Batteries for Classic (RN4081) model fits several popular model ecigs (i.e. Smoking Everywhere, NJOY, etc...) If your not sure about your model feel free to give us a call or contact us from our contact page.

Battery Tips and Information
  • Clean your eCig battery threads every time you change/refill your cartomizer
  •  Clean your eCig battery and charger threads before charging
  • Never refill your cartomizer while it is attached to your eCig battery
  • Take long, soft puffs to get the best vapor production and flavor - Don't take short hard puffs
  •  Never charge the battery before it is dead which is indicated by a blinking LED immediatly and every time you try to take a puff
  • If the LED blinks after you have taken a puff it is most likely not dead, it's blinking because you took too long of a puff
  • Never overtighten the battery in the charger or on the cartomizer - tighten until you feel resistance and that's tight enough
  • Atomizers and cartridges are older technology so unless you already have that technology and like it we recommend cartomizers for best performance

Rating oldie but goodie
I consider these my old trustees! They are nice to have for a back up, especially since they are small and convenient. I have some that I bought somewhere else a longgg time ago and they are still going strong. I purchased one from AV and had a dud I guess, but they quickly made things right. Great customer service!!!
  Reviewed by:   from GA. on 3/25/2015
Rating rn4081 battery
Rn4081 battery is a good buy. Last for a month with charging daily.
  Reviewed by:   from memphis tn. on 3/14/2015
Rating Great Product
Great Product
  Reviewed by:   from Tn.. on 3/4/2015
Rating The 4081 war horse
I started with a 4801 kit. I acquired about 10 batteries. My husband started, then stopped so I got his kit as well. I have been vaping for 2 years. I still have 4 of the original batteries I had - that must be a record. This battery is extremely dependable and lasts forever. If you are brand new to ecigs, 4081 is the way to go. It is automatic, no button to press and looks like a real cigarette. Easy to use.
  Reviewed by:   from W. Palm Beach Florida. on 2/12/2015
Rating 4081 Batteries
These are the best batteries I have used and I hope u guys will keep carrying them because I love the 4081 series easy to use. Thanks keep up the great work
  Reviewed by:   from Fort Myers Fl. on 1/13/2015
Rating replacement battery for rn4081
awesome , the stainless steel looks great and functions like the standard white... aaa+++
  Reviewed by:   from usa. on 12/5/2014
Rating RN4081 ecig battery
Have been using the classic RN 40081 ecig for over a year, great ecig for the money. As with all re chargable batteries some last longer than others. I have had good usage periods with these batteries. Before you toss a battery be sure and try a new cartomizer as cartomizers get old they make a battery seem weak when it's really not.
  Reviewed by:   from texas. on 10/30/2014
Rating battery-classic
Works great, exactly what I ordered
  Reviewed by:   from dallas tx. on 10/8/2014
Rating Very Good
These batteries overall are good. Some last longer and some not so much.
  Reviewed by:   from Harleysville PA. on 9/16/2014
Rating Good Batteries & Products
I have been doing business with your company for well over two years. I have always been very satisfied with all of your products. Also, when I had the need to call your company, your staff have been very nice and helpful. Finding your company has made a major change in my life, one that has taken over fifty years to change. Thanks again.
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 8/30/2014
Rating Batteries
These batteries give long life before needing recharging, then can be recharged many times over a couple of years! Great product at a great price. Highly recommended!!
  Reviewed by:   from Florida . on 8/30/2014
Rating Best Batteries
Very impressed at the punch and duration of the 4081 batteries offered by AquaVapor. Must have A+
  Reviewed by:   from Pennsylvania. on 8/4/2014
Rating Extra life
I bought this battery for a back-up. Nice to always have a charged ready to go battery.
  Reviewed by:   from Titus, Alabama. on 7/25/2014
Rating A must have staple
I always keep a supply of these batteries on hand because I will not be without my e-cig! Great batteries!
  Reviewed by:   from Maryland. on 7/5/2014
Rating Replacement Batteries for classoc RN4081
I have been using these batteries for just under a year now and have only had to replace them twice. They are very good long lasting batteries. Especially for how much i use them.
  Reviewed by:   from Fuquay-Varina NC. on 6/23/2014
Rating Long lasting battery
These batteries are the best on the market by far. I get long daily use out of each battery and have been recharging and using them for several months without diminished capacity. I highly recommend them.
  Reviewed by:   from Massachusetts. on 6/21/2014
Rating Batteries
Theses are good e-cig batteries and the definitely last pretty much as advertised and are top quality. I get all mine from Aqua Vapor. THANKS !
  Reviewed by:   from Rumford, RI. on 6/21/2014
Rating good looking long lasting
these are great , everyone I meet comments on the A.V. logo. oh yeah , the quality is there , if not just call , it WILL be made right
  Reviewed by:   from marion oh.. on 6/20/2014
Rating Classic Rn4081 e Cig Battery
I love AquaVapor batteries. They last a long time & I love the variety of colors.
  Reviewed by:   from Jackson, Mississippi. on 6/17/2014
Rating Consistently the best quality and value - for over 3 years
After shopping around for months and being disappointed, I found the AquaVapor RN4081 almost 4 years ago, and have never looked back. The batteries are sleek looking, long lasting, have a very easy draw, and come fully charged. All that with prompt shipping, excellent customer service, and at a great price! What more could you ask for?
  Reviewed by:   from Smyrna, GA. on 6/16/2014
Rating Great batteries
Great working batteries....best in the marketplace....superb shipping times and customer service. I am an Aquavaper fan!
  Reviewed by:   from Belleville, IL. on 6/16/2014
Rating RN4081 Batteries
Perfect. I've been using this type for about 1 1/2 years. I still have two of the first ones I bought over a year ago and they still work perfectly.
  Reviewed by:   from Surf City, NJ. on 6/15/2014
Rating Classic RN4081 Battery
I have been using this battery for two to three years. They last a good amount of time between charges, and the battery itself lasts a long time too. This is the only kind of ecig that I use, and I only buy them from Aqua Vapor because I know they are good quality. They give me just the right amount of vapor that I want.
  Reviewed by:   from Michigan. on 6/14/2014
  Reviewed by:   from HIALEAH, FL.. on 6/6/2014
Rating RN4081 battery replacement
these batteries are very good durable batteries, they last a very long time, well worth the money.
  Reviewed by:   from Paterson, NJ. on 2/5/2014
Rating PINK!
My wife and I were brought here while searching for a pink battery and she was pleasantly surprised to find that the pink batteries here also had a pink light! I, myself, was happy to find black and stainless steel batteries with blue lights. These replacement batteries are of excellent quality and at a great price. These batteries first brought us to AquaVapor and we will never shop anywhere else for our electronic cigarette needs!
  Reviewed by:   from Hicksville. on 1/18/2014
Rating Classic RN4081 Batteries Review
Through my many adventures in trying to find the best 4081 batteries I ended up finding the AV site. I can't tell you guys how happy I am that I did. These batteries last a SUPER long time! I've noticed with many other 4081 batteries (Not All) but sometimes after a full charge with other brands the first few puffs taste well grosse. Not with these! They are wonderful and I love the green indicator telling me "Hey slow down" or "Now I'm dead" This was a great buy and I'm glad I found this site! I will def. be recommending this site to everyone I know who is a Vapor Queen or King as much as I am :)
  Reviewed by:   from NY. on 8/27/2013
Rating classic batteries
I love, love, love this e cig! A big thank you to my friends at aqua vapor! Down to one real cig a day, and it tastes gross! I love that I no longer smoke! This has been a winner for me. And I love the smooth hit I get!
  Reviewed by:   from Cleveland Ohio. on 5/20/2013
Rating Great product at an even greater price
This battery charged faster, lasted longer than expected ,and looks great . The led is very attractive and the finish is impeccable. Overall great buy .
  Reviewed by:   from philadelphia PA. on 5/18/2013
Rating Classic RN4081 Battery Review !
I have purchased all of the batteries except the black one. I like having extras on hand.I have loved them all and I am very happy with the product.Good quality !!! Excellent customer service if there is a problem.
  Reviewed by:   from Palm Coast. on 4/22/2013
Rating Super Batteries!
Hugely superior in battery life and recharging to the original SmokeStik batteries we had been using. Hopefully they will also be longer lived than the SS ones we had been using. AV is now our only source of e liquids and accessories. Great people to deal with.
  Reviewed by:   from Richmond VA. on 4/14/2013
Rating The Best
I love these batteries my husband and I use ours quite a bit and they last a long time, I love when we first order they are already charged so we don't have to worry about it. I love all the different colors as well, I use the pink battery and I love how even the light is pink as well. My husband uses the stainless steel and that is a really nice looking color as well. I love these batteries I would really recommend.
  Reviewed by:   from Ocala Florida . on 3/24/2013
Rating Excellent Battery
These batteries from Aqua Vapor are excellent. They hold a charge for a long time. Not only that, but they are a good looking battery too. I was also impressed by the fact that when I received my batteries, they were fully charged. Great product. Great price. Thanks Aqua Vapor!
  Reviewed by:   from Pensacola, FL. on 3/20/2013
Rating Options
I really like being able to customize our batteries so my wife and I know who's is who's. My wife loves her pink battery!
  Reviewed by:   from North Carolina. on 3/20/2013
Rating Fantastic!
These are by far the best looking I have ever purchased. I ordered 4 batteries. They came fully charged! That is what I call service! Thank you! I am blown away by the value and such astounding customer service!
  Reviewed by:   from Little Rock, AR. on 2/8/2013
Rating Great Battery
I purchased a couple of these batteries to replace the ones that came with my Smoke Stik - Pit Bull. These batteries lasted longer than the ones that came with the unit. These are also a third of the price.
  Reviewed by:   from Fort Worth. on 12/12/2012
Rating Best mini option brand period
These batteries are superior to similar models of different brands. The puff count is higher which is what truly matters in a "good battery". Not to mention the size with a cartomizer is not much bigger than a standard cigarette. I would recommend this model for a light or medium smoker, as a heavy would need a couple extra to go a full day.
  Reviewed by:   from Evansville, IN. on 12/11/2012
Rating Great Battery!
I have tried a LOT of electronic cigarettes in the past, and I was never thrilled, primarily with battery life. I was given an AV starter kit for a gift. One thing that impressed me was battery life. I can go all day without needing a charge on one of these batteries! The quality is so good, I started my own account to buy a second battery. Soon, I will be buying more eliquid and more cartomizers. AquaVapor converted me to a full time ecigarette "vaper", primarily because I know my battery will stand the test of a long hard day. Thanks, AquaVapor! You have a new lifetime customer.
  Reviewed by:   from Manchester, Maryland. on 11/24/2012
Rating Love!
I bought two of these in pink and absolutely loved them, especially the light at the bottom which came up a light purple color. I tend to be quite girly and this product totally fit the bill. I love them!
  Reviewed by:   from Farmington, NM. on 11/6/2012
Rating Reliable and suave
These batteries are the best working, cheapest, and most consistent I've tried on the market. I recently ordered the stainless steel color, and was very impressed by the quality and how good it looked and felt in my hand. Look no more for an excellent ecig battery!
  Reviewed by:   from Colorado. on 9/28/2012
Rating Light weight & a must have
This battery is so light weight, & easy to use. Love the color choices. It has a great battery life & when you do charge it, it charges very fast. If you are looking for something that is light weight, stylish, functional, long lasting & easy to use, then this is a must have.
  Reviewed by:   from north ogden. on 9/23/2012
Rating Beautiful in pink
So stylish in pink. A must have for every girly girl. Such an elegant pink, to complement any accessory. My best buy by far.
  Reviewed by:   from north ogden, ut. on 8/25/2012
Rating Battery Works Well!
I have 2 right now and they stay in a constant rotation without any wait time between charging and using. As long as you follow the directions provided there isn't anything negative about these batteries. Just ordered my 3rd battery just for those days in which I am feeling lazy. They are that good.
  Reviewed by:   from Houston, Texas. on 8/20/2012
Rating Works with Njoy charger
I used the Njoy charger for this battery but the light did not remain charging (because the Njoy battery stays on till fully charged) so I thought i had a defective battery. They promptly exchanged battery,but still the light did not stay on when charging. It simply flashed then turned off. After some inquisition I discovered that the aqua vapor batteries do not stay lit when charging but still charge with. The red To green light on the charger will notify you when it's fully charged
  Reviewed by:   from Houston . on 6/26/2012
Rating Cool!
Just got two of these batteries today. Love-love-LOVE the stainless steel one! It's so shiney! The blue LED on it is so cool. Also got the white one with the orange LED. Great price seeing as replacements for my SC batteries would have been $29.00! Now I'm off to order blank cartomizers to use with these!
  Reviewed by:   from CA, USA. on 6/4/2012
Rating Ms.
Have not had any problems at all. Ordered black to start and just reordered so I will have each color! Batteries seem to last longer after they are recharged a few times! Thanks AV!
  Reviewed by:   from Ohio. on 3/6/2012
Rating Wonderful product
I wish I had found your product before purchasing e-cigs brand. Not only does your e-cig draw better, the taste is much better. Even your pre-loaded cartimizers are better than the other guys. Did I forget to mention the vapor, at least twice as much than the e-cigs brand. I will keep the old "rig" as a back up, but I will probably only use it in an emergency. I am now an Aqua Vapor only customer and will spread the word to others. Thank you.
  Reviewed by:   from Litchfield Park, AZ. on 2/19/2012
Rating Best battery ever!
Good battery life-lasts 8+ hours. I love this size battery too it is so small, just like a traditional cig and it easily fits into your pocket for easy access in case you feel the urge to take a puff or two! My fav is the pink one!
  Reviewed by:   from Saint Anthony, IN. on 2/16/2012
Rating RN4081 Batteries
These are excellent for the RN4081 otherwise also known as the NJoy NPRO (same modeldifferent brand) except these cost less. AS batteries go they do last all day, still unless you want to wait for a recharge, or forget to, it's worth having at least one spare just in case. An empty battery is like being out of cigarettes. With any battery, you have to remember to keep your contacts clean for best use.
  Reviewed by:   from West Virginia. on 5/27/2011
Rating So Surprized
Your Customer Service is the BEST! You have a winner here in more ways then one. these batteries & cartomizers are great. I wont buy from the other company anymore, these are bigger, better, they last way longer!!!!!!!!!!!& they dont cost as much as this other company, You are Winners all the way around! Thank you
  Reviewed by:   from California. on 3/7/2011

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