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Replacement Batteries for eGo - Electronic Cigarette
Electronic Cigarette Battery for eGo eCig | Best quality eGo eCig Battery you can Buy!
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Replacement Batteries for eGo - Electronic Cigarette

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Black - 900mah: {SKU 3-A-2-1}
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Black - 420mah: {SKU 3-A-2-4}
Stainless Steel - 900mah: {SKU 3-A-3-1}
Stainless Steel - 650mah: {SKU 3-A-3-3}
Stainless Steel - 420mah: {SKU 3-A-3-4}
Pink - 900mah: {SKU 3-A-4-1}
Pink - 650mah: {SKU 3-A-4-3}
Pink - 420mah: {SKU 3-A-4-4}
Design # 1 - 900mah Chrome Leopard: {SKU 3-A-5-2} [+$2.00]
Design # 2 - 900mah Chrome Oval: {SKU 3-A-5-3} [+$2.00]
Design # 3 - 900mah Black Squares: {SKU 3-A-5-4} [+$2.00]
Design # 4 - 900mah Chrome Circles: {SKU 3-A-5-5} [+$2.00]
Design # 5 - 900mah Copper: {SKU 3-B-5-2} [+$2.00]
Design # 6 - 900mah Camo: {SKU 3-B-5-3} [+$2.00]
Colormax Design # 1 - 900mah Green: {SKU 3-C-4-6} [+$2.00]
Colormax Design # 2 - 900mah Red: {SKU 3-C-4-7} [+$2.00]
Colormax Design # 3 - 900mah Blue & White Leopard: {SKU 3-C-4-5} [+$2.00]
Colormax Design # 4 - 900mah Black & Gold Swirl: {SKU 3-B-4-1} [+$2.00]
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eGo Electronic Cigarette Repalcement Battery
With 5 Click on/off Feature
Get an extra battery to be sure you always have a charged battery ready to go. The key to extended battery life is to never charge them before they are completely dead, always keep the threads clean on the battery, atomizers, and cartomizers.
The eGo Electronic Cigarette Battery comes in multiple color options, different mAh ratings and multiple designs!
eCig Batteries for eGo model are manually operated eCig batteries that activate by holding the button down while taking a puff. The  5 Click on/off feature allows you to turn the eGo battery off when not in use. Just press the button quickly 5 times and the battery will turn off, repeat to turn battery back on. Our eGo eCig batteries work will all eGo style attachments and are compatible with all eGo models. Not sure about your model feel free to give us a call or contact us from our contact page
eGo Battery Available in 420mah, 650mah, and 900mah (mAh rating is how large the battery is so the larger the mAh rating the longer the battery will last) in the below color options;

As a reference 900 mah battery will last you 4-5 times longer on a single charge compared to mini eCig batteries

Our batteries are specially designed for AquaVaporCig and are the highest quality eGo battery you'll find

Standard eGo Battery Size and Color Options

eGo Battery Tips and Information
  • Clean your eCig battery threads every time you change/refill your cartomizer
  • Clean your eCig battery and charger threads before charging
  • Never refill your cartomizer while it is attached to your eCig battery
  • Take long, soft puffs to get the best vapor production and flavor - Don't take short hard puffs
  • Never charge the battery before it is dead which is indicated by a blinking LED immediatly and every time you press the battery button
  • If the LED blinks after you have taken a puff it is most likely not dead, it's blinking because you took too long of a puff
  • Never overtighten the battery in the charger or on the cartomizer - tighten until you feel resistance and that's tight enough
  • Standard eGo batteries work best with 1.8 - 2.2 ohm attachments - for higher ohm attachements get the Variable Voltage LCD of Vision Spinner eGo battery
  • Standard eGo batteries have an output voltage of 3.7v
  • eGo batteries should only be charged with an eGo 420mah charger.
  • SLB eGo-V and SLB eGo-V2 batteries should only be charged with the USB charging cable that comes with the battery



Rating battery
Great product!! Very long lasting battery!
  Reviewed by:   from Lincolnton, NC. on 3/3/2015
Rating Batteries
Ordered multiple batteries from this company. All came in a timely manner and they work great!
  Reviewed by:   from New Jersey. on 2/17/2015
Rating Great Value
bought one in july and it is still in use today - great product for the price
  Reviewed by:   from GA. on 2/16/2015
Rating GREAT battery
I keep buying extras just to keep around but they last a long time, I've never had one fail and get tons of use from them! Top notch!
  Reviewed by:   from Maryland . on 1/29/2015
Rating replacement battery
I bought this battery for my husband and so he would leave my e-cig alone. It works great and now I have my eye on another battery I would like to try.
  Reviewed by:   from Priest River Idaho. on 1/25/2015
Rating love the 5 click option
The 5 clicks to turn off option is great if you carry your battery in your pocket cause often times my button was getting pushed when moving around which would waste my battery life and liquid. Love that it is off when I carry it and as always a great quality battery I've had it for a couple months and its still going strong.
  Reviewed by:   from Sheboygan. on 12/14/2014
Rating Replacement Battery/Spare for eGo eCig
The battery works well, and fits the eGo 510 clearomizers well. I keep two in rotation so one can be charging while I use the other. One won't quite last a day, but they do almost make it. I find having a second one charged and ready removes the temptation to have a cigarette.
  Reviewed by:   from Pittsburgh. on 12/14/2014
Rating 900 mah replacement battery
I love these batteries. They last me all day and charge quickly. Together with the AV BCT clearomizer, I can carry them in my shirt pocket.
  Reviewed by:   from Azle, Tx. on 11/19/2014
Rating EGO 900 mah
I love the long battery life between charges of the 900 MAH. I have several EGO batteries on hand for back-up (should I drop one & break it or whatever) which I rotate into use. These are durable batteries which give me more bang for my buck.
  Reviewed by:   from Everett WA. on 10/18/2014
Rating Excellent Battery
I now own 3 of the 900mah batteries and they all work so well. Very pleased with them and they look great too.
  Reviewed by:   from Lake Worth, FL. on 10/14/2014
Rating Customer
I really like these batteries. I use the 900mah and the charge lasts pretty long. The price on these is very nice also.
  Reviewed by:   from Chicago, IL. on 10/10/2014
Rating An O.K. battery
I purchased the 650mah in black. It works o.k. but definitely not as well as the other ego batts I've purchased from other vendors. It's life span is about 1/3 shorter than my 2 other ego batts (of the same 650mah size and they're almost 2 years old). After a full charge it works well. When it's about halfway or two thirds spent, it's a real drag-I get really weak "hits". It never gives the 5 flash signal that the battery needs charged. I'll try to take a drag, get no hit or vapor and yet the battery does not signal that it needs a charge. I love all the other products I've purchased from AquaVapor and their customer service is outstanding. That said, I'm going to try a variable voltage battery next time. I really like the 650's because they're small and fit nicely in my petite, female hand. Hopefully the 900mah won't look like a magic wand in my hand.
  Reviewed by:   from Paramus, NJ. on 10/8/2014
Rating So Stylish!
I get compliments all the time, and it has a long lasting charge, too!
  Reviewed by:   from FL. on 10/1/2014
Rating long lasting
these 900mah batteries always work well,and hold a charge for a long time.
  Reviewed by:   from indiana. on 9/18/2014
Rating Small and compact
I use this unit when I do not want to carry the 1100 MHz batteries around. Very discreet and good for 2-3 hours of heavy use. 4-5 hours if used lightly.
  Reviewed by:   from Seattle. on 9/12/2014
Rating Very Dependable
I bought the pink 900mah battery. I love the soft, rubberized feel of the battery. It makes it easy to grip. Paired with a pink Kanger Evod tank, it looks great! The battery life is more than enough for me. I consider myself a heavy vaper. It easily holds a charge for vaping during the work day, during my commute, and while relaxing at home. I also bought the USB charging cable and wall charger with this battery. They work very well together and I have not had any charging issues.
  Reviewed by:   from North Carolina. on 9/10/2014
Rating Long lasting battery
This Battery lasts much longer than regular 510 battery and seems to be much better quality!
  Reviewed by:   from Alabama. on 9/8/2014
Rating EGO Black 900mah battery
This is a great battery. I smoke at a regular frequency and still get TWO DAYS out of this battery between charges. I love it !
  Reviewed by:   from Rumford, RI. on 9/8/2014
Rating My go 2 battery
I've had several batteries in different styles, but this is my go 2 battery. Reliable and holds a charge longer than any other battery I've had. I've had 4 eGo batteries, one lasted 18 months with daily usage. A must have!
  Reviewed by:   from Rochester, New York. on 9/6/2014
Rating these are great batteries
I love these batteries and very reasonably priced. My first one i did accedently droped it. and still useing it. they very derable.
  Reviewed by:   from Forest Park Ohio. on 9/5/2014
Rating Great EGo Battery
Great price
  Reviewed by:   from St. Louis MO. on 9/3/2014
Rating EGo battery
Love my pink jewel. I use it all day and put it on the charger when I go to bed. It is very light weight. My husband plans to get his next battery at Aqua Vapor!
  Reviewed by:   from Coats, NC. on 8/30/2014
Rating eGo Battery is Fabulous!
I was a 510 One user until I purchased the eGo system as a gift for a friend. I love these batteries. Last all day for me. Only need one spare! Awesome!
  Reviewed by:   from Shiner, TX. on 8/28/2014
Rating The greatest battery
I bought the 900mah battery. I am normally a regular ecig user but wanted to try the Ego. Wow, what a great surprise. I have been getting around 3 days of good production and if needed the battery still isn't dead yet. I am sold on it now and have ordered 4 more including a kit for my brother that is now an Ego user. Can't beat the life and production of this battery. If you are thinking about buying it don't hesitate.
  Reviewed by:   from Massachusetts. on 7/28/2014
Rating Good value battery
Though a heavy user, I still wish to stay relatively simple. This time decided on the 900mah and would highly recommend. Charge lasts me almost a day and always have a spare ready to go!
  Reviewed by:   from ADK, NY. on 7/18/2014
Rating Can't go wrong
These are the only batteries I have ever used so far. Quick charge and will last days of steady use.
  Reviewed by:   from Minnesota. on 7/17/2014
Rating Great Batteries
I order again this the batteries are very durable good product
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 7/16/2014
Rating Replacement Batteries for eGo
I have bought several of these batteries in the past few months including the 420mah, 650mah, and 1 of the variable voltage models. It seems to me that the 420mah model is decent. I had one that began to feel like something was loose inside or sliding up and down in the cylinder. The 650mah model did the same thing . 1 died within a couple months and the rest are still working but still sliding around. The variable voltage model works well but if you turn it up past halfway it cooks the liquid just a bit much resulting in a sharp, harsh vape. All I all I am mostly satisfied with the batteries for the price and will purchase again.
  Reviewed by:   from Manchester CT. on 7/11/2014
Rating Ego Batteries are great
I recently purchased another 650mah battery. I have had two previously and they still work well, after 2 years. They last a long time without charging or changing to another. They are useful if you like to carry your ego in your shirt pocket without it protruding a couple inches as the larger batteries can do, especially with a smaller shirt pocket.
  Reviewed by:   from Beaumonr, CA. on 7/10/2014
Rating Janice
I use the 900 mah. They are easy to use, look nice and are inexpensive!
  Reviewed by:   from Sun City Center. on 7/6/2014
Rating 900 mah e go battery
It's been over a year since I upgraded from the 510 one to the e go system. I love the 900 mah batteries. I just purchased 6 more. These last a long time, and I'm a very heavy vapor. These batteries are very high quality, as are all the AV products. They are priced right as well. AV is a great company with terrific products. I highly recommend them.
  Reviewed by:   from Central PA. on 7/3/2014
Just ordered 4 of these. All work great, charge lasts all day. Best price I have found.
  Reviewed by:   from Illinois. on 6/28/2014
Rating 900 mah is the best!
I have been trying the different sizes of these batteries and for the "longest-lasting" I HIGHLY recommend the 900mah! It's made such a great battery for on-the-go!
  Reviewed by:   from los angles. on 6/26/2014
Rating Love this System
I upgraded form the 510 series and absolutely love the eGo system. This battery last for a good while and I typically only have to charge every other day. Provides good strike to the tanks for a strong vapor.
  Reviewed by:   from Ohio. on 6/25/2014
Rating love my ego cigs
I have tried 2 other types of ecig but have finally found the one that works best for me. Since I am a diligent e-cig user, the eGo model has suited me best. Longer battery life and fuller flavor.
  Reviewed by:   from ohio. on 6/24/2014
Rating Sticking with these
After so many batteries that turn out to be short lived duds ... I am sticking with this one ... they last and last ...
  Reviewed by:   from NY. on 6/22/2014
Rating amazed!!!!
I use the 900mah and this battery far exceeded my expectations on each charge. they are long lasting and just overall a fantastic product!
  Reviewed by:   from Blue Springs, MO. on 6/17/2014
Rating Great product!
I love these batteries! They are long lasting and easy to maintain. These batteries are great for starters on the eGo Electronic Cigarette.
  Reviewed by:   from Colorado Springs, CO. on 6/14/2014
Rating eGO Bstteries
My husband and I use the 900 mah batteries. They are better than any I have heard of from my friends.After using them for 3 yrs we have not had to replace them very many times. just keep 1 or 2 on hand, you never know. They don't like the washing machine however. His are black and mine are stainless, that way we do not get them mixed up.
  Reviewed by:   from Weatherford, Texas. on 6/11/2014
Rating Great battery
This battery is a great find. I had to order a second one so I would always have a spare, but they last a long time and was a great prive here at AquaVapor.
  Reviewed by:   from Bellingham, WA. on 6/5/2014
Rating Pretty good battery
I picked this up as a 2nd battery and works great. Haven't any problems. If you have tanks make sure your wicks are of a lower Ohm. These put out 3.7 volts so it wouldn't work well with wicks that are 2.4-2.8. I'm used to the variable voltage batteries and with this battery I don't miss it as long as I got the wright wick Ohm!
  Reviewed by:   from St. Louis, MO. on 1/28/2014
I ordered an extra eGo Battery because my first two work so well I wanted to always have an extra on hand! These work great and last VERY long!
  Reviewed by:   from Maryland. on 1/4/2014
Rating 900 mah
I recently switch from the classic rn4081 to one of these and I gotta say I am very happy I switched. At first it took some getting used to having to push the button every time but you get used to it. The best part is you can turn it off so now I can go almost three days between charges. I highly recommend getting one.
  Reviewed by:   from little falls minnesota. on 11/25/2013
Rating Awesome Batteries!!
These are perfect for on the go. They are compact, love that they can be locked out so you dont accidentally activate it while it is in your pocket and pretty durable. I has purchased 4 of these and I keep them in my kit for when I dont want to carry my K100 around. Use with a Kanger EVOD and the experience is flawless. You always seem to deliver the perfect product Aqua Vapor!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Fort Riley, KS; Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. on 9/13/2013
Rating Great Batteries
I purchased a new battery for my EGO-C system and this time I grabbed the black on. I was worried that the paint would not be thick and would scratch easily but i was so wrong this is a great battery and the paint is really think and coated well. I recommend this if you need a new one are would like to just add one great price and at 900-mah it will last you all day or longer. Thanks AV
  Reviewed by:   from york,sc. on 8/23/2013
Rating The True Workhorse
The discovery of Aqua Vapor products, after an enthusiastic testimonial that came from my sister, turned out to be a life altering moment for every adult in my household who loves to partake. Aqua Vapor's tasty American made smoke juice flavors have no equal among their peers. An unexpected, seemingly unrelated benefit for us has also been major savings in the way of shampoos, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, colognes, air fresheners, and aromatic candles, so their products almost pay for themselves in our home. The delicious smoke juice flavors satisfy not only our urge to vape, but being a family of sugar fiends, they also satisfy our never ending desire for something sweet. I'm a steady and loyal consumer of nearly everything that Aqua Vapor has to offer. I have purchased almost every battery and apparatus combination Aqua Vapor stocks in my quest to find that perfectly dense and sweet, fulfilling vapor puff. My very first battery purchase more than a year ago was the Ego 900mah. This same battery is still going strong, and I ordered one for everyone I knew who was interested in trying the vapor experience. You can't go wrong with this quality made, inexpensive, hard working battery. It's compatible with nearly every topper (my favorite being a clearomizer), and the charge lasts all day, even for one who vapes heavily, like myself, while charging fully in less that 2 hours. I am out here tonight buying yet another one for a new vapor convert in the family, and I myself am never found without 2 of the Ego 900mah batteries in my possession, and at least one bottle of Aqua Vapor's scrumptious caramel smoke juice! I have risen from the ashes! Peace!
  Reviewed by:   from Chesapeake, VA. on 8/22/2013
Rating Great battery
Outstanding price and quality. Love the fact that it lasts me all day and you can turn it off. Outstanding and will recommend you to many more people.
  Reviewed by:   from Saucier, MS. on 7/2/2013
Rating Great battery!
I got the 650 mah and I'm very happy with it. It lasts me all day. Love the blue LED light. The 5 click feature is awesome.
  Reviewed by:   from Las Vegas . on 6/19/2013
Rating Pretty awesome for the price
I got one of these during a sale and consider it a good buy. It lasts a long time and delivers a consistent charge, probably about the same as the 3.8V setting on my Vision Spinner. Maybe the ONLY downside is not being able to go higher in voltage, but if you have lower resistance cartomizers you'll be golden with this puppy!
  Reviewed by:   from Los Angeles, CA. on 6/16/2013
Rating These Batteries Are BEAST!!!!!
So, there are not enough good things to say about these batteries. First I have had the SAME ONE since December 23 2012, I wear it out and charge it up once a day and its still going STRONG! I have dropped it, stepped on it, and its even come apart,completely, I just smashed it back together and the thing is STILL WORKING GREAT!!! The black sticker has worn off, but its all good. The only problem with it is that I bought a backup battery, exact SAME one, and haven't had a need to use it, I may someday, but the way these things work and the quality goes, who knows!?!? I love it!
  Reviewed by:   from MO. on 6/12/2013

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