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Rewards Program

The AquaVaporCig Electronic Cigarette Rewards Program
Earn 5% Back on all your purchases
*** Reward Points Are NOT issued and CAN NOT be used for Wholesale Orders ***
** You must create an account with a valid eMail address to participate in the Rewards Program **
Please note: Our rewards program started officially on 11/19/2011
Reward points cannot be applied to purchases made before 11/19/2011

Gift Certificate codes are case sensitive so the GC must be UPPER case and the 3rd digit is a numeric 0 "zero" not an alpha O
In an effort to reward you for being a great customer, we've enabled the rewards program that rewards you for every purchase you make with us. Rewards will allow you to earn points to redeem for gift certificates that can be used to purchase items. Reward points are not redeeemable for cash.

How it Works

Points can only be redeemed for Gift Certificates which can then be applied to your next order. When you redeem points for a Gift Certificate you will be eMailed the Gift Certificate code and you will also be able to see the Gift Certificate Code on your MyAccount page under the Gift Certificate section. There is no charge for redeeming points, an order is created in our system with an order total of $0.00 for the purpose of tracking the points redeemed.
You receive 1 Point for every dollar you spend with us and 20 points are equal to $1.00 which means you earn 5% on all purchases. Points are not redeemable for cash, they can only be redeemed for Gift Certificates. To use the Gift Certificate all you have to do is enter the code in the Apply Coupon box on the View Cart or Checkout screen then click Go. The Gift Certificate codes are case sensitive so the GC must be UPPER case and the 3rd digit is a numeric 0 "zero" not an alpha O. The Gift Certificate amount will be subtracted from the amount charged to your Credit Card for the order. Your invoice will show the total amount of the order becuase the gift certificate is just a 2nd method of payment, your card is only charged the amount after the gift certificate is subtracted.
Your can also earn 100 points ($5.00) for referrals and approved product reviews. To review a product just go to the product page and click | Write a product reveiw on the Electronic Cigarette Product you purchased and earn $5.00 toward free electronic cigarette supplies | which is located to the right of the products image just below the product ID. Refer your friends to us and ask them to put your name (First and Last) in the Referred By box at the bottom of the checkout page. To be eligable for referral points you must have an account with us and purchased from us before. Referral points are awarded within 30 days after the referral order is deliverd.
** Referral Points: Reward points for referrals are awarded 30 days after the order is delivered to the person you referred, no exceptions.
** Review Points: We can't approve any review that mentions anything about quitting smoking or anything related to health benefits.

Each of our products show you how many points you will earn for purchasing that product

eCig Rewards - How it Works

How to check your point balance and redeem points

Login to the My Account section to view the amount of points you have. Click the My Account Link, enter your email address and password, then click the Log in to my account button

Ecig Rewards Step 1

To view the details of your reward points click the View Details link beside My Rewards on your My Account page

eCig Rewards - Step 2

The point details are displayed. To redeem points click on the Redeem button
eCig Rewards - Step 3

The available Gift Certificates are displayed. The the Redeem link for the Gift Certificate amount you would like to redeem for your points. You must have a balance equal to or greater than the point value of the Gift Certificate to redeem points for it. The point value for the Gift Certificate will be subtracted from your point total.
eCig Rewards - Step 4

The details of your selection are displayed. This screen will show you the dollar value of the Gift Certificate you selected, how many points will be subtracted from your point total and your ending point balance after the transaction. Review your selection then click the Click here to redeem button. After the redeem button is clicked you will be eMailed the Gift Certificate code and the code will also be added to your My Account screen.
eCig Rewards - Step 5

How to View your Gift Certificates and Use against Purchases

From the My Account page you can click on the View Details link under the Gift Certificate section to see your Gift Certificates
eCig Rewards - Step 6
After you click the View Details link the screen below is displayed that shows all your Gift Certificates and their available balance
eCig Rewards - Step 7

To use your Gift Certificate enter the code in the Apply Coupon box on the View Cart or Checkout page then click the Go button. The Gift Certificate codes are case sensitive so the GC must be UPPER case and the 3rd digit is a numeric 0 "zero" not an alpha O.
eCig Rewards - Step 8
After you click Go the Gift Certificate amount will be show on the screen
eCig Rewards - Step 9

You can also see the Gift Certificate amount subtracted from your order total on the Checkout page.
eCig Rewards - Step 10
**Note - The Gift Certificate amount is subtracted from the order total and your card is only charged the Balance after the Gift Certificate has been applied. The order eMail you receive will show the entire order total because the Gift Certificate is just another form of payment, so in the example above your order eMail would show a total of $29.95, your card would be charged $24.95 and the remaining $5 was paid by the Gift Certificate.

As always, if you have any questions please contact us via email sales@aquavaporcig.com or (888) 782-0167

AquaVaporCig.com uses Security Metrics for PCI Compliance, Identity Theft Protection, QSA, IDS, Penetration Testing, Forensics, and Vulnerability Assessment

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