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Truth about eCig Trial Offers

Don't be fooled by the FREE Trial e Cig Offers
you see advertised on the Internet
There are many eCig sellers on the internet offering so called FREE Trial offers and the truth is all they are interested in is getting your money upfront and not having a long time loyal customer. They offer you a free low quality device (and it actually is free), but it's useless without the $60 worth of cartridges they charge to your credit card. In addition to the cartridges they charge you a $10 - $20 processing fee and sign you up for an auto cartridge replenishment that bills you $60 every 30 days.
The AquaVaporCig Difference
We take great pride in and are committed to quality customer service and quality eCig products. We go the extra step to ensure our eCig products are the best available on the market. As mentioned on the About Us page, we've tested hundreds of Electronic Cigarette models and if it's not good enough for us (17+ year smokers) it's not good enough for us to market and sell to you. We work closely with our manufacturer, who is the leading eCig manufacturer in the world to continuously improve the products we sell. You have the promise from Aqua Vapor Cig that you will get the highest quality product available for the most competitive price, guaranteed! Our business and reputation is based on building loyal, long term relationships with our customers.
If you've been a victim of these FREE trials and are ready to experience the best eCigs on the market and want to build a long term relationship with a trusted supplier with 1,000's of satisfied customers please contact us. If you were thinking about trying the FREE Trial you saw advertised please call us before you become a victim like many others. We'll spend the time to explain the FREE trials and how they get away with operating a business the way they do and will answer any questions you have about eCigs.
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