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Tips for Making the Switch to E-Cigarettes
Posted by AquaVapor on 2/5/2016 to General Discussion
If you are a smoker, or a former smoker, you know that tobacco cigarettes are one of the hardest habits to ditch. So many smokers have embraced the possibilities of electronic cigarettes, and they have found an incredible compromise with them; similar feel, similar taste, and nicotine without the tobacco smoke. However, when starting out, there is a bit of a learning curve that users should be aware of, because understanding how these products work can give you a much better end result. Here are some tips to keep in mind of, just to make the switch to e-cigarettes go more successfully for you.
Adjusting to the Winter with E-Cigarettes
Posted by AquaVapor on 2/5/2016 to General Discussion
While it can be a wonderful thing to be an e-smoker rather than a tobacco smoker during the winter, especially when you donít have to bundle up just for a 5 minute smoke break, there are things to keep in mind if you will be vaping during a particularly brutal winter!  So if you are a vaper, how do you deal? Here are some tips for handling the weather and still enjoying your e-cigarettes in the process.
Five Reasons to Consider E-Cigarettes for a Valentineís Day Gift
Posted by AquaVapor on 1/29/2016 to General Discussion
Are you still looking for a last minute Valentineís Day present? For many people, February 14th is symbolic of loveóa day for lovers to express their feelings in the form of gifts and attention. But the problem is that it isnít always easy deciding what to get your Valentine to show that you are thinking about them. Here are five reasons why electric cigarettesóalong with a romantic dinner and a magical night out perhapsócan make the perfect Valentineís gift for your special someone:
How E-Cigarettes Can make you feel more Attractive
Posted by AquaVapor on 1/28/2016 to General Discussion
Beauty is only skin deep, and we all know that whatís on the inside is what matters most, however this doesnít stop most of us from wanting to look our very best at all times. One of the most significant ways traditional cigarettes can affect oneís health is by tarnishing your appearance in a wide variety of unattractive ways due to tobacco and tar. Here are a look at the different ways you can reclaim some of your exterior beauty by switching to e-cigarettes and eliminating the tobacco-look from your style regimen!
Vaping is so Much Better for your Home
Posted by AquaVapor on 1/19/2016 to General Discussion
While there is endless discussion on why traditional cigarettes are entirely awful for oneís health, the fact that they are so unbelievably unhealthy for your home can often go overlooked. Many e-smokers know this very well, for having switched to e-cigarettes, they can clearly see through the smoke and appreciate the ways their home is much cleaner and more comfortable when vaping.
What to Expect When Switching to E-Cigarettes
Posted by AquaVapor on 1/18/2016 to General Discussion
So, youíve decided to make 2016 the year of all years to be done with traditional cigarettes once and for all. Youíve got that brand new, handy e-cigarette starter kit, some delicious cartridges in assorted flavors, and a whole lot of motivation on your side. Last pack of tobacco cigs has been smoked and the empty package is disposed. This is it Ė youíre ready to switch to e-cigs!
What you need to know about Atomizers
Posted by AquaVapor on 1/18/2016 to eCig Cartridges & Cartomizers
If youíre interested in learning more about atomizers, what they do, and what they bring to the vaping experience, keep reading! Knowing about how atomizers function can have a direct effect on the functioning of your device, enable you to have a great vapor, awesome flavor and the best possible performance.
Why Everyone is Switching to Vaping
Posted by on 1/18/2016 to General Discussion

It seems these days that smokers are switching to vaping all the time, and in greater numbers. Hereís a look at why!

Technology: Itís everywhere. Technology has seeped into every nook, cranny, and aspect of our lives, and in many ways, improved it. Digital smoking has enabled smokers to have a more modern, simplified, cleaner way to smoke.

Savings: Everyone wants to save more money, and factoring in how expensive smoking cigarettes is, alternatives are a total necessity. Vaping can save smokers thousands of dollars every year!

Your Taste Buds and E-Cigarettes
Posted by AquaVapor on 1/7/2016 to General Discussion
Thereís a lot to be said about taste, as we already know, with e-cigarettes that you really begin to experience once youíve cut the tobacco out of your life. Here is a look how e-cigarettes can help you really savor a flavor with far more satisfaction, especially when youíre first starting out.
Things you Need For Travel with E-Cigarettes
Posted by AquaVapor on 1/7/2016 to General Discussion
Most people travel at some point or another, and throughout the world it is a major economic force. In the United States alone as a sector it grosses in upwards of $2 trillion annually! Vacations and tourism are on the agendas of millions, and there is no denying how rejuvenating a trip away can be. However traveling for business is often essential for millions of people, and accounts for more than $500 billion spent on travel in the US alone.
Celebrate 2016 Being Smoke-Free
Posted by AquaVapor on 1/6/2016 to General Discussion
Electronic cigarettes have become the ďitĒ thing for smokers whoíve lost their taste for traditional cigarettes. Do you think this is the year you will be making the switch? Itís almost a cliché how many smokers make quitting their resolution, however why quit when you can switch? Here are a few good reasons to do it now, because e-cigs are hotter than ever, and weíre sure you wonít regret it!
Vaping Accessories
Posted by AquaVapor on 1/5/2016 to General Discussion
With all of the different options available to you with electronic cigarettes, one of the very best offerings comes with accessories. They enable so much additional convenience, plus they allow you to use the products in a more personal, tailored way. A selection of different e-cigarette chargers especially give you a variety of choices in how you keep your batteries powered up. Here is a look at accessories, and how they can be used to enhance your experience when e-smoking. While they arenít all necessities, they are highly valuable to your personal vaping.
Other Benefits of Having Disposable E-Cigarettes
Posted by AquaVapor on 12/24/2015 to General Discussion
Electronic cigarette disposables are an excellent addition to your selection of e-cigarette products. While you may not want to use them daily, they are an absolute essential to any vaperís arsenal of e-cigarette gear. Whether you keep them on hand for emergencies, or you occasionally like to switch things up for variety, there are so many reasons to use electronic cigarette disposables.
Reducing Stress with E-Cigarettes
Posted by AquaVapor on 12/23/2015 to General Discussion
Life is stressful enough, and itís no surprise that so many smokers pick up tobacco as a way of dealing with it. Unfortunately, with tobacco, you typically add a lot more stress onto your plate because while that nicotine rush can do so much to take the edge off, it also adds a really expensive cost, a very unhealthy habit, and the stress of not being able to smoke wherever you want. Read on to see why e-cigarettes are the better alternative to tobacco!
Proper E-Cigarette Etiquette
Posted by AquaVapor on 12/19/2015 to General Discussion
Just because you vape instead of smoke doesnít mean there isnít some sort of social protocol you should follow. While manners are not essential to daily life, they certainly help when youíre around others. If youíre a vaper, you wouldnít want a cigarette smoker sputtering smoke and dropping ash in your personal space, would you?
Things Not to Do with Your E-Cigarette
Posted by AquaVapor on 12/18/2015 to General Discussion
Vaping is fun, itís enjoyable, and it offers all the pleasure of smoking without the negatives that come with tobacco. For some e-smokers, things can get a little too comfortable, and some of their old tobacco habits can come creeping out with bad results. Here are a list of things not to do with your e-cig!
The E-Cigarette as a Fashion Statement
Posted by AquaVapor on 12/18/2015 to General Discussion
E-cigarettes have proven to be quite the fashion statements over the years. From having cameos in hit movies, to being the accessory of choice among many celebrities, they are serving as so much more than alternative smoking devices! Traditional tobacco cigarettes have moved out of the spotlight in recent decades, and electronic cigarettes have really taken over when it comes to being stylish. Goodbye smoke, your ugliness is no longer necessary!
Benefits of having E-Cig Disposables Handy
Posted by AquaVapor on 12/18/2015 to General Discussion
Electronic cigarette disposables are an excellent addition to your selection of e-cigarette products. While you may not want to use them daily, they are an absolute essential to any vaperís arsenal of e-cigarette gear. Whether you keep them on hand for emergencies, or you occasionally like to switch things up for variety, there are so many reasons to use electronic cigarette disposables.
Demographics of the Top Five E-Cigarette Groups
Posted by AquaVapor on 12/18/2015 to General Discussion
E-cigs appeal to many types of people for different reasons. And their ages and professions vary as much as there are brands of smokeless cigarettes being hawked. Interestingly though, certain groups are particularly well-suited to enjoy e-cigs. Hereís a review of the top five groups that find these smokeless gems to be their pot of gold.
E-Cigarettes Becoming Mainstream
Posted by 3dcart SEM Team on 12/17/2015 to General Discussion
The popularity of electronic cigarettes has exploded in the last few years, considering how popular they have been since they first emerged. Smokers have taken to these alternatives wholeheartedly, and their presence in the mainstream has become quite solidified. So why are smokers switching like thereís no tomorrow? Here is a look at some of the reasons!
Watch Extreme Temperatures with your E-Cig Batteries
Posted by AquaVapor on 12/17/2015 to General Discussion
E-cigarette batteries, like all lithium ion batteries, are not designed to handle extremes; whether itís weather or humidity, they really donít tolerate dramatically high or drastically cold temperatures well. So, if you find yourself living in areas where temperatures are known to hit extremes; hot or cold, with the possibility of severe humidity, (you know, basically anywhere that does not include perfectly moderate, dry conditions) the following info will surely be to your benefit.
With E-Cigarettes you can Save Thousands of Dollars
Posted by AquaVapor on 12/17/2015 to General Discussion
Switching to e-cigarettes can do so much for your life. You get the pleasure of using your device almost anywhere, you are allotted so much more control over everything that deals with your habit, you donít have to be self-conscious about how you smell, you donít have to worry about the ramifications of tobacco, and vaping can save big money. Yes, you read that correctly. Switching to e-cigs can save thousands of dollars!
Vaping and Romance Ė A Better Combo
Posted by AquaVapor on 12/17/2015 to General Discussion
What does vaping have to do with your love life? A whole lot, especially if you are a smoker who is looking for love and finding a difficult time working around the smoking factor. Sure, there are plenty of smokers out there who are also looking for love, but why limit your options? Here is a look at how switching to e-cigarettes can benefit your love life! Being a smoker puts a label on you, whether you like it or not. And many nonsmokers see it as a marker of a stereotype, regardless of whether or not you live up to those things.
E-Cigarettes and the Environment
Posted by AquaVapor on 12/16/2015 to General Discussion
Just by switching to electronic cigarettes, smokers can do the environment a great service. Traditional cigarettes, by and large, are the single most polluted item on earth. Imagine, of all the trash that can be found in the global environment, the majority can be traced to a single source. Thatís a lot of trash and a lot of cigarettes smoked. Whether smokers just choose to be ignorant when carelessly flicking their butts, or they assume that because they feel like paper they will easily biodegrade, cigarette butts are a nuisance anywhere they are discarded outside of a trash bin. Hereís a look at the ways e-cigarettes help the earth, because if thereís one place cigarette butts do not belong, itís the environmen
Switch to Vaping, if you Love your Pets
Posted by 3dcart SEM Team on 12/16/2015 to General Discussion
If you are a smoker, have you ever considered the ways your tobacco smoke can affect your pets? After all, second hand smoke is not just an occurrence that negatively harms people! If you are into smoking at home, in the company of your furry friends, consider making the switch to vapor cigarettes to keep them free from the effects of smoke, as well as to keep them happier in their day to day lives. Keep reading to learn about the ways smoke can be your worst enemy when it comes to protecting your pets!
The Future of E-Cigarettes: Five Factors
Posted by AquaVapor on 12/16/2015 to General Discussion

The past five years have seen rapid growth in not only the popularity of smokeless cigarettes but in new products as well. This growth is only expected to continue and by 2017 is expected to reach upwards of $10 billion in annual sales. With growth and popularity comes factors that can seriously affect the future of smokeless cigarettes. Here are 5 such factors.

What is an E-Cigarette? Back to the Basics
Posted by AquaVapor on 12/12/2015 to General Discussion
Letís get back to basics. If youíre wondering about these amazing products known as electronic cigarettes, or E-cigarettes, here is a little info explaining it all simply.
A Stress Free Holiday Season with E-Cigarettes
Posted by AquaVapor on 12/12/2015 to General Discussion
Ah, the holidays. We look forward to them all year, and when they finally get here, is it really all good laid back fun? Family get-togethers, feasts of heavy-duty food, beer and wine flowing endlessly, the hustle and bustle of getting to the next gathering decently on time. Watching your mouth around your grandparents, sitting on the sidelines when dueling political conversations arise, football trash-talk, eating way too much of said heavy food, being careful not to down too many glasses of wine. The funnest time of the year can also be the most stressful time of the year!
Study Confirms Vaping is Safe Indoors
Posted by AquaVapor on 12/10/2015 to FDA and eCig News
Even with electronic cigarettes being on the market, and their popularity expanding by the minute, there are still many people and many advocacy groups who warn that there may be dangers we donít know about. How do we really know they are safe if there hasnít been government testing? How do we know that they are not as dangerous as cigarettes are? How do we know if the vapor is okay to breathe in, especially in the second hand sense? While it is perfectly normal and rightful for these precautions to arise, testing is being done, and more and more research is being conducted. If e-cigarettes were inherently dangerous, they would not be allowed to be sold! And if you weigh the options, considering how drastically unhealthy tobacco cigarettes are, electronic cigarettes are a world apart. Just in terms of basics, they contain no tobacco, smoke, and they leave behind no tar; the three worst constituents of conventional cigarettes.
We Can Do Without the Dangers of Tobacco
Posted by 3dcart SEM Team on 12/10/2015 to General Discussion
The level of consciousness in people seems to grow by the day. We are eschewing all the negatives weíve grown used to, and questioning everything about what we consume. Whether itís the things we buy, eat, use. Same goes for tobacco use- why use cigarettes anymore when we have the option of electronic?

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