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eCig Kits, Accessories & eLiquid Coming Soon to Aqua Vapor e Cig

AquaVapor LLC is always on the cutting edge when it comes to the latest and greatest Electronic Cigarette Products. Our R&D (Research and Development) staff works with our manufacturers to develop new products as well as to improve existing products. Our staff extensively tests every product for several weeks before we offer it to our customers. Just because it's the newest thing on the market doesn't mean it's a good quality device so we believe in testing the products thoroughly before we make a decision to manufacture and sell the product to our valued customers. If the eCig product doesn't meet our quality standards it doesn't go on our shelf. In most cases if you don't see an eCig product on our site that you've heard about its because it didn't meet the requirements of our R&D staff from a durability, safety, and functionality standpoint.

Coming Soon means these items have already been researched and tested, and are currently being produced. We should have them no later than 3 weeks from when they are placed into this category. If you see something you like, just add yourself to the waiting list for that product and our system will automatically notify you when the product is available for purchase.

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