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Electronic Cigarette Battery Skins

Works with RN4081, DSE901, 510, 808 and all 9.2mm eCigs
Add some style to your eCig batteries with 100 different designs from AquaVaporCig. Applying the skins to your battery is as easy as 1..2..3.. Just trim the skin to the length of your battery, slide the skin over it, apply heat with a hair dryer or lighter and watch as the skin shrinks tightly around your battery. Our eCig Battery Skins are printed with waterproof ink so no worries about ink rubbing off or staining your battery. Our eCig wraps are easy to remove and leave no sticky mess behind on your battery.
Get tired of a color and want to make a change or want to match your battery to your outfit, that's easy, just tear the wrap off at the perforated edge and you're ready to apply a new one.
Start small with one eCig skin or get them all
  • Get 1 - 4 for $1.00 Each
  • Get 5 - 9 for $0.90 Each 
  • Get 10 - 19 for $0.80 Each 
  • Get 20 - 49 for $0.70 Each 
  • Get 50 - 99 for $0.60 Each 
  • Get 100+ for $0.50 Each
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