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eLiquid | Smoke Juice - RY4
eLiquid | Smoke Juice - RY4
Average Rating 46†Review(s)
Your Price:†$5.95
eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Caramel
eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Caramel
Average Rating 19†Review(s)
Your Price:†$5.95
eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Butter Scotch
eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Butter Scotch
Average Rating 17†Review(s)
Your Price:†$5.95
eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Chocolate
eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Chocolate
Average Rating 21†Review(s)
Your Price:†$5.95
On sale:†$4.95 On Sale
eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Cinnamon
eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Cinnamon
Average Rating 12†Review(s)
Your Price:†$5.95
eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Chocolate Mint Ice Cream
eLiquid | Smoke Juice - Chocolate Mint Ice Cream
Average Rating 14†Review(s)
Your Price:†$5.95
On sale:†$4.95 On Sale
eLiquid | 100ml Sample Pack
eLiquid | 100ml Sample Pack
Average Rating 141†Review(s)
Your Price:†$29.95
USA Made AquaVMax eLiquid | 100ml Sample Pack
USA Made AquaVMax eLiquid | 100ml Sample Pack
Average Rating 2†Review(s)
Your Price:†$39.95
On sale:†$34.95 On Sale
200ml eLiquid | Sample Pack
200ml eLiquid | Sample Pack
Average Rating 25†Review(s)
Your Price:†$54.95

Premium Electronic Cigarette eLiquid: Various Flavors, Nicotine Levels

Electronic cigarettes, or eCigarettes (eCigs), have seen a dramatic rise in popularity in the past few years, although the concept has actually been around since the early 1960s. While it's true that the ban on the use of burning tobacco in most public places has spurred the public into switching to these electronic devices that resemble cigarettes in appearance, sensation and taste, that's only part of the reason for the incredible growth of the industry. The huge selection of flavors now available through a wide assortment of ejuice/eliquid that can be added to enhance an eCig's taste have convinced many that there's more to smoking than just regular or menthol. Some of the flavors of eliquid now available include:

  • Fruit varieties such as apple, mango, cherry, grape, peach, watermellon and banana.
  • Drink varieties like Irish Cream, Pina Colata, Kahlua, Cappuccino, rum and coffee.
  • Candy flavors such as chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, and almond/caramel.
There is also a line of ejuice that mimics conventional tobacco brands such as Regular, Cuban Cigar, Wenston, Salam Menthol, Virginia Blend and Havana Select.
For soft drink fans, there's Dr. Pep, cola and root beer. Try them. You'll like them.

AquaVaporCig carries a wide selection of premium electronic cigarette eliquids. You can choose from over 30 different flavors ranging from fruit to Havana tobacco. Our classic tobacco mixes offer the taste and feel of the highest quality leaf. Our fruit flavors and specialty blends offer a refreshing break any time of the day.

Still canít decide? Get a 10-flavor sample pack that offers our best sellers.

Our eliquid comes in four levels of nicotine:
  • High Nicotine (Full Strength) - 24mg
  • Medium Nicotine (Light Strength) - 16mg
  • Low Nicotine (Ultra Light Strength) - 11mg
  • No Nicotine - 0mg

We have the highest quality eliquid, with the best prices and best selection of premium eliquid. Order today! uses Security Metrics for PCI Compliance, Identity Theft Protection, QSA, IDS, Penetration Testing, Forensics, and Vulnerability Assessment

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