5 Pack Atomizer Coils for Kanger Pyrex Glass Bottom Feeder PRO Tank from Aqua Vapor Electronic Cigarette North Carolina
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5 Pack Coils for PRO Tank / EVOD Bottom Coil Clearomizer (BCC)
Kanger PRO Tank Bottom Feeder Replacement Atomizer Coils - Kanger PRO Tank coils are available in 1.8ohm, 2.5ohm, and 2.8ohm resistance
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5 Pack Coils for PRO Tank / EVOD Bottom Coil Clearomizer (BCC)

Part Number PRO-Tank-EVOD-Coil
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(5) 1.8ohm PRO Tank Coils: {SKU 4-D-3-3}
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5 Pack Coils for
Kanger PRO Tank, EVOD, and XL Bottle Bottom Feeding Clearomizer
*** Protank and EVOD Coils are now the same, Kanger has stopped making EVOD coils and consolidated into 1 coil that works with both the Pro Tank and EVOD.

Replacement EVOD / PRO Tank / XL Bottle Bottom Feeder Atomizer Coils are available in 1.8ohm, 2.2ohm and 2.5 ohm. 

Replacement PRO Tank Atomizer Coils are available in 1.8ohm, 2.2 ohm, and 2.5ohm. If you're using a standard 3.7v eGo battery any ohm will work, if you are using an eGo Variable Voltage Battery or a Higher Voltage Device the 2.2ohm or 2.5ohm is the best option for you.
Bottom coil clearomizers provide a nice warm vapor, with a very clean pure flavor, and reduced wicking issues since the liquid is always covering the wicks.

Unlike other Clearomizers, the mouthpiece of the PRO Tank is permanently attached and it is filled from the bottom. This two-piece design is a major advantage over other tanks with replaceable atomizer heads. If the PRO Tank Coil fails unexpectedly and the tank is filled with eLiquid, the atomizer head can be easily replaced without the need to drain the eLiquid out of the tank first. 

Product Comes With:
5 - Replacement Coils for Kanger Pyrex Glass PRO Tank

How to fill PRO Tank Bottom Feeding Clearomizer:
  1. Hold the PRO Tank upside down with the drip tip facing down
  2. Unscrew the bottom assembly from the tube
  3. Fill with 3ml E-Juice by tilting the PRO Tank at a slight angle and dripping juice down the inside wall against the outer wall of Glass Tank.
  4. Do not put eliquid into the center tube as it will leak out the bottom of clearomizer.
  5. Screw the bottom assembly back onto tube.
  6. Screw onto electronic cigarette device and you're ready to vape.

How to change the atomizer head on Kanger PRO Tank Bottom Feeding Clearomizer:

  1. Unscrew the bottom assembly from the tube, remove the old coil and simply screw a new coil assembly into base. 
  2. Fill with 3ml E-Juice by tilting the Pro Tank at a slight angle and dripping juice down the inside wall against the outer wall of Glass Tank.
  3. Do not put eliquid into the center tube as it will leak out the bottom of clearomizer.
  4. Screw onto electronic cigarette device and you're ready to vape.

Tips for using the Glass Bottom Feeding PRO Tank:

  • The metal tube in the center of this Clearomizer leads from the mouthpiece to the battery end. Avoid getting liquid in this tube when filling the Clearomizer.
  • When unfastening the base (atomizer head) to refill the Clearomizer, the seals are temporarily broken and liquid will leak from the mouthpiece or escape into the center tube. Always wrap a cloth or piece of tissue around the mouthpiece when unfastening the base of the PRO Tank Clearomizer.
  • Gurgling noise or leaks: This is a sign that liquid has found its way into the metal tube in the center of the Clearomizer (and usually occurs after a refill). Ridding the center tube of liquid will resolve the issue. To do so without emptying the tank, remove the Clearomizer from the battery, wrap a cloth or tissue around the battery end of the Clearomizer and blow through the mouthpiece. 
  • The atomizer head of the PRO Tank can loosen when unscrewing the tube or base. Always secure the atomizer head before re-installing the base of the PRO Tank.
  • It is normal to find a small amount of liquid in the battery contact area when removing the Clearomizer or any atomizer. Always clean the battery threads before charging it.
  • PRO Tank Atomizer heads have an average lifespan between 10 to 20 days. When the atomizer head wears down, it may begin to leak.

Rating kanger pro tank replacement coils
These are great!! why buy a whole new clearomizer when you can simply replace the coil? just unscrew the old one a screw in the new one
  Reviewed by:   from brandon ms. on 6/30/2016
Rating Great coils!
These coils are consistently long lasting and reliable. Put out plenty of vapor and consistently good flavor. Purchased plenty of these before and will continue to buy. Great product!
  Reviewed by:   from Albuquerque, NM. on 2/10/2016
Rating Great coils
Wasn't sure which coils to buy for my spinner, so I called customer service and they told me exactly what kind to buy. These work great and last a very long time. I will keep ordering these as long as the keep them in stock
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 1/18/2016
Rating Been using these for over a year now...
I have ego batteries, with a pro tank, and these give great flavor. I'm a heavy vapor, and one coil lasts me about 10 days before I have to change it. I'm really excited to try their new and improved version! **Side note** Aqua vapor has THE BEST customer service I've ever come across. They go above and beyond, and I THANK YOU by referring all of my friends to this site.
  Reviewed by:   from Greenville NH . on 1/10/2016
Rating COILS
SO far these KANGER COILS are the best out of several other types I have purchased in past.They last much longer. And they don't burn out as fast.Keep up the good products,AS with the affordable prices,and I surely will purchase ALL such items from you .THANK YOU. MIKE.M.
  Reviewed by:   from S.W. FLORIDA. on 11/28/2015
Rating Great Coils
I've used these coils in my SMOK clearmizer and I find it to be way better than the SMOK original coils. It doesn't wear out as fast. I'll definitely be ordering more in the future.
  Reviewed by:   from Kapaa Hawaii. on 10/5/2015
  Reviewed by:   from HOUSTON. on 9/14/2015
Rating Excellent Price
Use these in my pro-2 tank - excellent quality for the price
  Reviewed by:   from GA. on 9/2/2015
Rating Good original product.
Use these in my EVOD Clearomizer and the perform fine. Seem to last a long time but you can get a dud once in a while. Overall good product.
  Reviewed by:   from Salem, Va. on 8/5/2015
Rating EVOD Bottom Coil Clearomizer
These are very easy to use but they only last a couple of weeks max which is fine for the cost of less than $10.00 for 5. I order lots of these.
  Reviewed by:   from Stafford Springs. on 7/20/2015
Rating Good coils
Just put a replacement in my Pro Tank Mini and it vapes like a champ again! Thank you!!!
  Reviewed by:   from PA. on 7/13/2015
Rating Great Price!
I use these coils for my pro tank mini and they work very well. They unscrew with ease for inspection and cleaning. They also last for weeks and I use it a whole lot throughout my day. Thank you AV for carrying these!
  Reviewed by:   from NH. on 4/8/2015
Rating Great coils for great clearomizers
Kanger protanks are among my favorite clearomizers. In fact, I use a protank II and protank II mini every day. These BBC coils produce great flavor and vapor. With proper use and care, these coils last a surprisingly long time. Great price and delivery from Aquavapor. Thanks!
  Reviewed by:   from Libano, Tolima, Colombia. on 3/24/2015
Rating Great name
very easy to use
  Reviewed by:   from Marietta,Ga. on 3/17/2015
Rating Pro tank bottom coil
Works great
  Reviewed by:   from Alabama. on 3/16/2015
Rating Love Love this site
Very pleased with Aqua Vapor products. I bought 5 pack Coils for PRO Tank/ EVOD Bottom Coil Clearomizer BBC
  Reviewed by:   from Memphis, TN. on 3/14/2015
Rating 5 Pack Bottom Coils
The coils last me about a week. I find the 1.8 ohms to burn slightly hotter than the 2.2 ohm ones. An excellent replacement coil at a great price. I also like they come in a 5 pack. I'll be re-ordering these! Always fast shipping & a great product from Aqua Vapor!
  Reviewed by:   from Lilburn, GA. on 3/4/2015
Rating EVOD bottom coil clearomizer BCC
The coils last between 5 - 10 days. I think this is good. Sometimes they are slightly hot but overall an excellent buy.
  Reviewed by:   from GA. on 2/28/2015
Rating Perfect
These coils are great and reliable. They often last me up to 2 weeks before a change becomes necessary. The resistances are accurate and they're always machined to fit perfectly in my protank II.
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 2/27/2015
Rating 5 pack Coils for PRO Tank / EVOD Bottom Coil Clearomizer (BCC)
they are the type I need and can not find anywhere in my area that sells them. It is so handy to just order them on line and have them delivered to my door. Thank You
  Reviewed by:   from Williston, ND. on 2/21/2015
Rating great product
always have good luck with them never had a dead coil and i buy them in bulk to save money great product
  Reviewed by:   from ny. on 2/18/2015
Rating Great Coils
These coils are awesome, i have purchased these more than any other brand of coil. They last a long time when used with a vv battery. I prefer 2.5ohm
  Reviewed by:   from Atlanta. on 2/10/2015
Rating Great Coils!
Great quality product. Long lasting coils. These last much longer than most of the competing brands.
  Reviewed by:   from Springfield . on 2/3/2015
Rating 1.8 ohm Tank coils
Love the packing of five to a box. Just like a light bulb, they have to be replaced when they burn out but mine are averaging about a month. So three packs of 5 will last me all year!
  Reviewed by:   from New Mexico. on 2/1/2015
Rating 5 Pack Coils for PRO Tank / EVOD Bottom Coil Clearomizer
I'm very pleased with these coils..they last for quite a while and you can't beat the price... quick delivery too
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 1/8/2015
Rating Solid coils
Good coils for the price. Never had a dud in all my time using these. Solid daily driver for any beginner to intermediate vaper. Best with higher PG juices IMO (the sweet spot for me is 70PG/30VG on these coils).
  Reviewed by:   from New Jersey. on 1/7/2015
Rating Best Replacement coils
Never a problem when ordered from Aquavapor. Always good-no duds. Don't buy them from anywhere else! Aquavapor rocks!
  Reviewed by:   from Bunker Hill WV. on 1/4/2015
Rating Hit and Miss
In my opinion these coils can be unreliable. sometimes you get 1 if not a whole pack of coils that just give off a burnt taste and are unusable. This is a drawback to a mass produced product.
  Reviewed by:   from Raleigh NC. on 12/16/2014
Rating 5 pack coils
excellant quality
  Reviewed by:   from phoenix az. on 11/10/2014
Rating vapes great
These coils work great and aqua vapor cig always has good prices. We've been buying these over a year now and will continue to do so.
  Reviewed by:   from Georgia. on 11/7/2014
Rating universal coil
I really like the fact that this coil can be used in my Protank and the Evod Clearo that I have. I also have a mini protank that these coils fit, even though they are single coil, they produce lots of vapor and one coil lasts me awhile.
  Reviewed by:   from Virginia . on 11/7/2014
Rating OK, but not great
I have 2 of the EVOD tanks that I vape regularly. The atomizers last about 2 to 3 days. They produce plenty of vapor and tastes very good.
  Reviewed by:   from Mansfield, OH. on 11/3/2014
Rating 2.5 ohm Coils
I've purchased dozens of these in the last year and a half. They have always functioned very well in my Kanger Pro Tanks and Pro Tank 2's. You can't beat the price that Aqua Vapor Cig sells these coils for.
  Reviewed by:   from Southeast Texas. on 10/27/2014
Rating 5 Pack Kanger PRO tank VOD Bottom Replacement Coils
I love the Pro Tank Coils for my Pro tanks The Hire the Ohm's the better.
  Reviewed by:   from 15130 NW seaview DR . on 10/5/2014
Rating Great Vapor
After trying several different types I order these and the vapor is excellent as well the taste is much better than previous ones I have tried!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Kentucky. on 10/5/2014
Rating Great value, Great gaping!
These dual coil bottom feeders give me maximum vapor and taste! They last a reasonable amount of time and they come in a 5 pack which is very convenient if you're like me and enjoy more than one flavor liquid in a given week. Super easy to install, no burnt wick taste and LOTS of vapor! You won't be disappointed!
  Reviewed by:   from Great Falls, VA. on 9/24/2014
Rating EVOD Bottom Coil Clearomizer
I love the 2.2ohm PRO Tank coils ! The bottom feeder coils works the best for me. Very easy to replace. And they last a long time.
  Reviewed by:   from Appleton, WI. on 9/14/2014
Rating Best quality
I've bought atomizers from a ton of other places. They always ran out of stock and I always had issues with them. When I ordered atomizers from here the first time that was it. These are the absolute best atomizers I've found (probably doesn't hurt they're genuine branded lol) and the price is outstanding. One lasts me a week whereas with others I was changing every 2-3 days (I'm hard on my stuff). These also don't flood, don't take much priming time and have a snug fit. I've been ordering them from here for going on two years and I'm a very satisfied customer :)
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 9/13/2014
Rating Protank BCC coils
Like the new design.
  Reviewed by:   from Gillette, Wyoming. on 9/13/2014
Rating Kanger Pro Tank II Coils Greate Value
These coils work great and the price is great as well. Coils last up to a week and produce greate flavor
  Reviewed by:   from Northern Virginia. on 9/8/2014
Rating Atomizers
They worked perfect in a tank I already had and were almost 1/2 the price I was paying elsewhere!
  Reviewed by:   from Coats, NC. on 8/30/2014
Rating evod coils
These coils are cheap and reliable
  Reviewed by:   from florida. on 8/29/2014
Rating 5 Pack Coils for Pro Tank/EVOD Bottom Coil Clearomizer
Pleased with ease of use. Lasts quite a few days. I will be ordering again and again since I am a convert to the Clearomizer. Either of the ohms work for me.
  Reviewed by:   from New York. on 8/28/2014
Rating Good coil
These seem to work in my Kanger PRO tank, mini-PRO tank, and Kanger T3S tank. They provide a good vape for up to two weeks for me, but of course this will vary by user.
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 8/25/2014
Rating Great value - Good performer
I have been using these coils for quite some time now. I find them very economical and have performed well for me. I prefer the 2.0 - 2.2 ohm on my variable voltage device. If you are so inclined; you can re-build these coils your self.
  Reviewed by:   from Saint Paul, Mn. on 8/19/2014
Rating PRO-Tank-EVOD-Coil
the best product I've found, best prices
  Reviewed by:   from USA. on 8/13/2014
Rating Kanger EVOD coils
I have used about 30 of these things now and have not had any issues. The product actually last longer then they recommend in my exsperience. Great product and i will use for a long time
  Reviewed by:   from Minnestoa. on 8/4/2014
Rating 5 pack coils
Great price to keep your vaporizer working well.
  Reviewed by:   from Arizona. on 8/4/2014
Rating Still Running Strong!
I purchased this coils awhile back from Aqua,and must say they are excellent! Go with the LR and you won't regret it. Plus, the current price on Aqua can't be beat!
  Reviewed by:   from California. on 8/4/2014
Rating Good coils
Use these coils in mini pro tank 2, 2.2 ohm. Great flavor and last a long time. Highly recomend these coils.
  Reviewed by:   from Roanoke, Virginia. on 7/23/2014

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